Update: Messenger Plus! Live 4.79 build 353 For Windows Live Messenger 2009 Final has been released. Download it from here.

Messenger Plus! Live (aka MsgPlus, MP!L) is a popular add on for Windows Live Messenger which adds several dozen extra features to the popular IM client from Microsoft. Latest beta (Wave 3) of Windows Live Messenger 2009 was not supported by Messenger Plus! Live until yesterday. The latest release of Messenger Plus! Live (v4.79 beta), released on the 1st of November, adds support for Windows Live Messenger 2009 (14.0.5027.908) and users of this version can now enjoy the extra features.

Warning: This program comes bundled with optional adware. Make sure you deselect the adware component during installation (yes you will be prompted every time) and there will be no problems. In case you forgot to deselect and adware got installed, follow instructions on this thread to remove it (it’s easy).


Notable features of Messenger Plus! Live

Once you install Messenger Plus! Live, the following functionality will be added to the Windows Live Messenger version you are using.

  • a set of text formatting codes similar to BBCode (people who don't use it will see the BBcode among the formatted text)
  • custom status tags
  • multiple instances with different accounts
  • event logging and chat logging and encryption
  • contacts on desktop.Windows always on top wich show a specific contact.
  • auto-reply messages, usually activated when away from keyboard
  • emotion sounds
  • tabbed chatting (all the conversations in the same window)
  • messenger locking (Boss Mode)
  • JScript scripting allowing users to add their own functionality.

There are tons of other features such as Log search (lets you search saved conversations), messenger skinning, custom sounds, quick texts, HTML chat logging, account polygamy, contact list clean up and many more. For a full list please refer to this page.


Messenger Plus! Live is free. You can download it directly from the official page.

[Click Here] to download Messenger Plus! Live 4.79 beta for Windows Live Messenger 2009 beta

[Click Here] to download Messenger Plus! Live 4.70 for Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and 8.5

[Click Here] to download Messenger Plus! Live 3.63 for Windows Live Messenger 4.7 to 7.5 (older versions)

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  1. cookey // 11/14/2008 02:55:00 AM  

    i've been waiting on this for a long time now. i just cant enjoy windows live messenger without messenger plus anymore