Many know BitTorrent as a way to get access to pirated material easily and quickly. Actually it’s more than that; it’s a very effective distribution medium for any type of content. LinuxTracker and TuxDistro are two primes examples.

They are both BitTorrent trackers that specialize in Linux related torrents and most of the stuff they track are available for free on the net. But instead of having to scavenge the net and cope with slow download servers to get your daily dose of Linux apps, you can use LinuxTracker and TuxDistro which present you with a large index of Linux related torrents, well seeded and ready for your taking.



Site NameTuxDistro

Signup URL:

Description: LinuxTracker has optional registration which makes it a public torrent index with their own tracker. Currently there are close to 1000 torrents indexed and there are lots (I mean lots) of seeders and leechers on most of these torrents. For example, the torrent Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.4 DVD has 20000 seeders and 23000 leechers!



Site Name: LinuxTracker

Signup URL:

Description:  LinuxTracker is another public torrent index with their own tracker. Registration is optional. They track over 1100 torrents and due to the optional registration it is not clear how many actually use this tracker. Judging by seeder/leecher stats on the site, LinuxTracker user base is huge (currently 26000+ seeders on 1100 torrents with a Seeder : Leecher ratio of 2.53).

On a side note, you may have noticed that there is a site named This is not a Linux related tracker at all (in fact their ‘Linux stuff’ category has 0 torrents, how ironic). It’s a General/0Day tracker and a quite good one at that too.