If you didn't know already, recently released Call of Duty : World at War contains a bonus mission in which you have to blast wave after wave of zombies.  Yeah I know, Call of Duty and Zombies are such as weird combination but believe me that level is fun. Bonus mission is usually unlocked once you beat the single player campaign in the game. For those who are impatient, here is a quick way to unlock the bonus mission in Call of Duty : World at War, without having to complete the SP campaign.

Scene group UNLEASHED have released ‘Call of Duty World at War UNLOCKER’ which once extracted to COD Application Data folder, will unlock the bonus mission + all single players missions as well as all death card cheats. (It basically creates a new profile which has all single player missions, deathcards and the bonus mission unlocked – no need to worry about file modifications)

Follow instructions below on how to download use the unlocker (instructions from Unleashed NFO):

1.Download Call of Duty : World at War Unlocker from this link (Megashare). Paranoid about viruses? View VirusTotal report of the file here.

2. Windows XP users: Unpack the RAR file into X:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\ and accept to overwrite if/when asked.
Windows Vista users :  Unpack the RAR file into X:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\ AppData\Local\ and accept to overwrite if/when asked. (X is the drive letter of your system partition)

3 .Start game, Click on SOLO, Click on MISSION SELECT, Pick any mission you want to play

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