Smoking in the Rain (SITR) is a private torrent tracker which tracks general content including movies, TV Shows, Games, E-Books and 0-Day releases. SITR currently tracks over 5000 active torrents including both scene and non scene (p2p) releases; you can find pretty much every major release here. There are currently over 4000 active users on this tracker (out of a total user base of 15000). Something I noticed on SITR’s stats page is that it says ‘Uploaders : 2,055’. I don’t know for sure how many out of these are currently active but they sure do have a lot of uploaders (which means more content).

In addition to individual torrents, SITR has a lot of unique packs such as Movie packs, Complete TV Series Season packs, etc.

SITR packs

Another good thing about SITR is whenever the monthly donation goal is reached, the entire site is put on free leech (only upload is added to your stats) for the rest of the month. They usually reach their donations goal around the 20th of each month so you usually get around 10 full days of free leech every month on SITR. The only concern I have regarding SITR is its layout. It’s definitely usable and navigable but feels a little outdated.

SITR is one of the older private trackers out there. In addition to the torrents, the tracker has a fairly active community of members so don’t forget to check their forum out. The site is currently open for signup and interested readers may join for free. Check it out.

smoking in the rain

Site Name: Smoking In The Rain (SITR)

Signup URL:


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