Yay! Version 2009 of Tuneup Utilities English is finally released. There was a German version released a few days earlier but now non German users can rejoice as the Final English version is out. Back in the early 2000s, I used to be a fan of Norton Utilities. However when Symantec began releasing basically the same set of utilities every year with only minor changes, I got pretty tired of it. Been using TuneUp Utilities for almost two years now and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best system utilities suites currently around. TuneUp Utilities usually does a fine job on system optimization and it won't add a thousand startup entries or services that take half the system resources like some software suites that are supposed to optimize your system.

The first new feature you will notice in version 2009 will be the revamped user interface. A new utility named Speed Optimizer has also been added. Improvements have been made to TuneUp Drive Defrag, TuneUp System Control, TuneUp Uninstall Manager, TuneUp Startup Manager, TuneUp Styler and TuneUp Registry Cleaner. The old version (TuneUp Utilities 2008 build can be found here if you still need it but upgrading to 2009 is recommended.

tuneup utilities 2009

What’s new in 2009?

  • TuneUp Speed Optimizer: Intelligent, Powerful Utility for any User Skill Level
    • Easy optimization in just a few clicks
    • Identifies unused programs and resource-draining functions
    • Recommends tools for optimal PC performance
  • TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance: Automatic, Fast Optimization
    • Enables one-click maintenance of the most important functions of your PC
    • Cleans the Windows registry
    • Deletes temporary files and folders
    • Increases the system performance through integrated defragmentation
    • Streamlines your desktop and simplifies folder shortcuts with one click
  • TuneUp Drive Defrag: Intelligent defragmentation with new progress display
  • TuneUp System Control: Supports Opera
  • TuneUp Uninstall Manager: Intuitive uninstall options
  • TuneUp Startup Manager: Increases the speed at the start-up of your PC
  • TuneUp Styler: Expanded PC style options for Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • TuneUp Registry Cleaner: More powerful tool with in-depth view of your PC registry

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