Here is an update on two private torrent trackers currently open for signup; HDChina and DVDQuorum. HDChina is an HD Movie and TV Shows tracker while DVDQuorum is a DVD-R tracker. Read on for more information on these trackers.


Site Name: DVDQuorum

Description: DVDQuorum is a private torrent tracker with Spanish origins. It indexes DVD5/DVD9 untouched movie DVDRs. Although the site has a lot of Spanish movies, there is a significant amount of English movies available as well. It’s pretty large for a private tracker with 42500+ users and 12500+ active torrents.

Signup Process:

The signup process at DVDQuorum is a bit odd. You need to first sign up in their forums and then use that user name when registering for the tracker.

  1. Register in forums:
  2. Click confirmation mail to activate forum account.
  3. Register for tracker: (Use the same username in both instances)
  4. Click confirmation mail to activate account.


Site Name: HDChina

Description: HDChina is Chinese torrent tracker which indexes TV Shows and Movies in High Definition (HD) format. Site interface is mainly Chinese but important functions have their English meaning inside brackets. HDChina has a lot of English content even though the tracker is of Chinese origin. Signups are currently open but slots are being filled quite fast and there are only around 2000 more sports left.

Signup URL: