Here is a useful software if you are looking to expand the reach of your blog’s/web site’s RSS feed. RSS Submit can automatically submit your RSS feed to a number of feed directories with the click of a button. It supports over 80 feed directories but you will need to enter details manually for nearly half of these. There are some really good sites supported by RSS Submit such as BlogCatalog, Technorati and Ice Rocket. Of course don’t expect your feed reader count to increase by a large number the moment you submit your feed. It will be a gradual increase and will definitely give your RSS feed more exposure on the internet.


Developer Description

RSS Submit is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the RSS search engines. RSS Submit uses a combined method of automatic submissions and auto-filling web page submit forms to automate the process of submitting your RSS feeds, publishing your content, and getting more traffic with proven results. RSS Submit is extremely easy to use. Automatic RSS feed detection allows you to enter the domain of your web site and let RSS Submit find the locations of your feeds. Integration with FeedBurner and Technorati statistics lets you track hits to your RSS feeds right from within the software. RSS Preview and keyword analysis lets you manage your feeds in real-time.

For a list of supported feed directories please visit this link.

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  2. Daniels // 10/14/2010 07:57:00 AM  

    I'm a newbie here..Can u please tell me where to dwnload this.Do'nt see a link here..

  3. Daniels // 10/14/2010 07:59:00 AM  

    Oh my bad..Found it LOL :)