If you were a frequent visitor of popular Bulgaria based torrent search engine TorrentValley.com, you may have noticed that the site has become inaccessible since yesterday. According to IFPI, the site was raided by Bulgarian authorities and their servers have been seized, after Bulgarian Association of Musical Producers (BAMP) tipped them off. What’s interesting is that TorrentValley was merely a search engine and did not operate a BitTorrent tracker of their own. Regardless the site is shut down and there are no signs of the site coming back online anytime soon.

However, all is not lost to TorrentValley.com users. There are plenty of alternatives floating around such as ArenaBG, RARBG and Zamunda.NET. All these are private torrent trackers which have their roots in Bulgaria but are currently hosted outside Bulgaria (so good luck BAMP shutting these down). ArenaBG, RARBG and Zamunda.NET all operate a BitTorrent tracker of their own and they have better download speeds, better pre times and almost no fakes. Although these are private trackers, they all have huge user bases (measured in 6 digit numbers) and you can pretty much find every movie, game , TV show, software or general content available on any other public tracker.

[Click Here] for signup URLS and more information on ArenaBG, RARBG and Zamunda.NET 

[Click Here] for a list of private BitTorrent trackers currently open for new signups.