Yesterday we talked about sites to obtain cracked mobile software, full games and other media. When it comes to that, SyncTheBits (StB) is one of the best sites around. It’s a private torrent tracker which is dedicated to mobile content. Signups are closed for the most part but they are currently open for 24 hours so if you were planning to get in, now would be a good time. There is a note about open signups on site homepage:

We have decided to open the doors to the public as of friday.  We are doing this for a couple of reasons..
1) We are celebrating P2PTalks 1 yr Aniversery
2) We had 3k members last time i closed the doors and since i have purged 2/3 of those memebers.  So we are in need of active members.


Currently StB tracks around 2300 torrents and has an active user base of ~950. Torrents include all sorts of mobile stuff including games, appz and even e-books for a wide range of mobile platforms. The platforms include Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile, iPhone, PalmOS, Nintendo DS, PSP, Blackberry etc. In addition to appz and games, StB tracks a mobile optimized movies (in .3gp format), music videos and even TV series. They also have a great packs section.

In short, it’s a must have tracker for everyone who cares about jazzing up their mobiles. As mentioned earlier open signups are limited for 24 hours so get in while you can.


Site Name: SynctheBits (StB)

Signup URL:


  • BlackBerry Apps
  • BlackBerry Games
  • E-Books Fiction
  • E-Books Non Fiction
  • iPhone Apps
  • iPhone Games
  • Java Apps
  • Java Games
  • Misc
  • Nintendo DS
  • StB Packs
  • PalmOS Apps
  • PalmOS Games
  • PSP Games
  • SymbianOS Apps
  • SymbianOS Games
  • Windows Mobile Apps
  • Windows Mobile Games


  1. AjuMatt // 5/16/2009 11:29:00 AM  

    I need an invite... I will trade for a invite.

  2. weirdo // 12/18/2009 04:33:00 PM  

    Can someone give me a StB invite?