AOM Killer (AOMK), a private torrent tracker dedicated to magic related content, has returned after several days of downtime. As reported in our previous post, the site is now hosted on a new domain ( AOMK has occasionally been up and down in the past two months and according to a forum post by administrator the reason for last downtime was the site getting hacked (there have been plenty of controversies surrounding this tracker since their birth). AOMK seems to have lost the entire user base and torrents during the downtime. The good news is that the site is currently open for signup and every old member (and new members of course) can re-register:


A news post by the admin also says:

when i get the time i will restore every 1s ratios from the old aomk. in the mean time please lets get things back on track then look to a bright aomk future

They are also in the process of adding new torrents.

If you were not aware of the content in this tracker, AOMK has magic related videos, TV shows, Ebooks and movies (see screenshot below):

AOMK torrents

Currently there are only about ~150 users and 120+ torrents on the tracker but expect these stats to increase rapidly as news about the site’s return spreads. As said before the signups are open and if you like magic, you’ll definitely want to check this tracker out.

aom killer

Site Name: AOM Killer

Signup URL:

P.S.- Another magic torrents tracker MagicianTorrents continues to remain offline. It’s been down for more than 2 weeks now.


  1. Quiggles // 12/02/2008 01:58:00 PM  

    Wouldn't you know my luck, as soon as I get there, they have closed registrations again.

    Does anyone know how I can contact the site Admin as I have about 25 DVDs full of stuff that I have collected over the years and think I would be an asset to the site.

    If anyone can please help, leave a comment here or email:

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 12/02/2008 02:16:00 PM  

    Current chat link in the site points to:

    You may find the admin or someone who knows the admin there. Good luck.

  3. Quiggles // 12/02/2008 03:19:00 PM  

    OK thanks I'll give that a go. cheers.

  4. cardman // 2/13/2009 04:58:00 AM  

    aomkiller is open again ;)

  5. D // 4/04/2009 07:49:00 AM  

    AOMK open for signup:

  6. searcher // 1/16/2011 05:15:00 AM  

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