All4Nothing is a private torrent tracker which tracks general content (Movies, Games, TV Shows, E-Books, Music, etc) and 0-day releases. This in my opinion is a very underrated tracker. All4Nothing has a user base of just over 10000 members and currently tracks 2100+ torrents on their tracker. These stats are excellent, specially considering that A4N have only been online for around 11 months. Apart from usual scene and P2P stuff, All4Nothin have their own releases (look for A4N tag on the title of the torrent) such as movie packs as well as episodes of TV Shows such as The Xtra Factor.

all4nothin packs

All4Nothin is one of those trackers which has a seed bonus points system. For every hour that you seed a torrent on A4N, you are awarded with 0.5 Seed Bonus Points. You can collect enough seed points and trade them for upload credit (GBs added to your total upload) and other cool stuff. This makes it easier to manage your ratio on A4N even if you have low upload bandwidth (but are willing to seed) and makes life easy with torrents with no leechers.

A4N is currently open for signup. Check it out.


Site Name: (A4N)

Signup URL:


Anime, Appz, Appz/Mac, Comics, E-Book, Games/PC ISO, Games/PC Rips, Games/PS2, Games/PS3, Games/Wii, Games/XBOX, Games/XBOX 360, Handheld/PSP, Misc, Movies/DVD-R, Movies/HD-XViD, Movies/SVCD, Movies/VCD, Movies/x264, Movies/XviD, Music, Music Videos, TV/DVDR, TV/HR, TV/x264, TV/XviD, XXX


  1. Unknown // 11/21/2008 03:26:00 AM  

    I am BBFan of A4N, I am a MOD for the site. We are growing fast, we have a member base like no other, 30% of our uploader class upload at 100Mbit lines we have some of the fastist torrents around. We follow the line by the user for the user. We have one of the best request areas around, most request are filled with in hours compared to other sites that takes week's. We are a private tracker so there are rules in place to insure all users get the best out of come on by and pay us a hello. BBFan

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 11/21/2008 01:35:00 PM  

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and providing the info. Cheers!