SceneFZ (SFZ), an excellent private torrent tracker, has just opened signups for all members. It’s a general/0-Day torrent tracker (which means it tracks software, Games, Music, Movies, E-Books, Games and everything else) and one of the best ones at that. Pre times are great and download speeds are excellent. SFZ has a large user base of 38000+ registered members and currently tracks over 5500 active torrents. You are guaranteed to find pretty much any major p2p or scene release at SceneFZ. The site has managed to recruit more than 8000 new users in the past two months alone, which is quite an achievement for a private BitTorrent tracker.

Apart from the usual releases releases, there is a quite a large number of packs and unique releases (such as Magazines, mobile appz and Webshots wallpaper packs) at SceneFZ. See screenshot below for more information:


To identify packs and releases unique to SceneFZ, watch out for 'sFZ' and 'sceneFZ' tags on the title of the torrent. Note that most of these packs are on free leech and can be used to build up your ratio as only the upload will be counted in your profile stats.

Usually you need an SMS code to sign up for this tracker but during open signup you can register without one. Last time it opened signups was around two months ago so grab this chance if you were planning to get in.


Site Name: SceneFZ

Signup URL: No direct URL. Visit and choose sign up on the left panel.


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