ArenaBG, RARBG and Zamunda.NET signups open

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Here is another update on private torrent trackers currently open for signup. ArenaBG. RARBG and Zamunda.Net are all currently open for new registrations. There are several similarities between these three trackers. For one, they all have Bulgarian origins but track English content (scene and p2p releases). All three are General/0Day trackers which means you will find torrents of movies, games, software, e-books, TV shows and all other general content on these trackers.

Both ArenaBG and RARBG do not force a minimum ratio requirement on users (you might call them as ratio free trackers albeit this is not entirely true), unlike most other private trackers. ArenaBG and RarBG are almost always open for signups but Zamunda has a habit of closing down whenever the user limit is reached. So better hurry if you want to get in.  For more information and signup URLs, read on.



Site Name: ArenaBG

Description: An excellent general tracker with no minimum ratio requirement. Ratio on ArenaBG is important only if you want to get promoted to the power user category.

Here on our site we will not cut off your download ability or put a waiting time for users with low ratio. However, being a power user has its pluses. For instance, power users do not receive the annoying 'Because the sever load is higher...' message on the browse page. Also, the inactivity time after which power users get deleted by the system is higher.

ArenaBG was down for a while when it was forced forced offline by its webhost a few weeks ago. The site came back online after a few days and is now accessible via the new URL It’s a huge tracker with more than 100000 users and 20000+ indexed torrents. Download speeds are reasonable and many times faster than public trackers but don’t expect SCT or SCC speeds here.

Signup URL:


Site Name:

Description: With nearly 40000 indexed torrents, RARBG is one of those huge private trackers. It has a user base in excess of 100000. RARBG features a similar layout to that of ArenaBG and just like ArenaBG, RARBG does not enforce minimum ratio rules on its users. Download speeds and pre times are about the same in both these trackers.

Signup URL:



Site Name: Zamunda.NET

Description: Zamunda is another excellent private tracker. Torrent descriptions are in Bulgarian but don’t worry the content is  all English (unless specifically stated). Zamunda tracks a lot of non scene DVDRips of movies and has a lot of PC Game rips (among lots of other content) not available on most private trackers. Download speeds on Zamunda are better than on both ArenaBG and RARBG. With over 50000 indexed torrents, Zamunda has the most content out of three trackers featured in this post. Zamunda does have minimum ratio requirements unlike ArenaBG and RARBG; this ensures better download speeds and torrents being well seeded for a long time. For more information on this tracker please read this post.

Signup URL: