If you are interested in music editing/music authoring, here is a private BitTorrent tracker that you might find useful. ReFuX.us initially began as a new audio production tracker based on Gazelle, which specialized in audio applications, music authoring tools and music editing software. It still tracks somewhat similar content to trackers such as Audiotracer, AZT and AudioNews but expect this to change soon. Site rules have been updated recently and now any type of Windows and Mac applications (not just audio related appz) are now allowed on ReFux.us.


This tracker is about 1 month old (as of 29/6/09) and during this time it’s attracted close to 850 members. Close to 300 torrents have been uploaded as well. Download speeds seem to be generally good and if the notice on homepage is correct some of the torrents are seeded using a seedbox.

As for the content on ReFuX currently the tracker is full of audio related appz. However according to new site rules all types of applications are allowed: “we accept all types of applications for windows or mac as uploads, no movies and no music!". Refer to screenshot below to get a better idea about the content available on this tracker:

refux screenshot

At the time this post is being written, ReFuX is open to the public. However the current poll on the site hints about the site going invite only pretty soon (poll question is Should we go invite only at 1000 users? to which 80% of the responses have voted ‘Yes’) so if you are interested in joining this tracker, do it now. All new users get 2 free invites upon signup.

Site Name: ReFuX (http://refux.us)

Signup URL: http://refux.us/register.php

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There’s quite a lot of buzz on the web about VideoBay, the latest project launched by the crew behind world’s largest BitTorrent tracker. This post however is not about VideoBay but about another lesser known service launched by TPB crew; Slopsbox. Apparently TPB are not only capable of giving the finger to anti piracy groups but also of fighting E-mail spam too. Slopsbox is a free E-mail service which has some unique characteristics. Slopsbox addresses are disposable – you can instantly create one, use it and then forget all about it without having to worry about getting spammed.


How you can use Slopsbox is  explained in detail on the service’s homepage. Part of the description is quoted below:

When someone asks for your e-mail address, give them anything@slopsbox.com (or one of the other add-on domain names). You can replace "anything" with, well anything, i.e. douglas@slopsbox.com, asdfasdf@slopsbox.com or arrgh@slopsbox.com. Get the mail sent to the address you picked by entering the address in the field above and login.

Voila! There you have your spam, served cold. However, you can't get any attachments and mail is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

I’ve found Slopsbox pretty useful when signing up for unknown/random sites which require E-mail confirmation. Just provide an @slopsbox address, get the confirmation mail and forget about it. You wouldn't have to worry even if the site is used for E-mail account harvesting by spamming whackjobs.

However keep in mind that you won’t be able to (and you shouldn’t) use @slopbox addresses permanently. And be aware that anyone who knows the first part of the address will also be able to check the inbox as there is no password requirement.

[Click Here] to visit Slopsbox homepage

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I guess a collective tracker update was long overdue. This post summarize information about 15 private torrent trackers that are currently open to the public. There are lots of new sites in this list - consider this article as a revisit to some of the trackers featured on FILEnetworks Blog in the past two months. BitTorrents sites specializing in HD content, scene releases, DVDR releases, classic movies, music, games, sports and more are included. If you somehow missed signup for these trackers the first time around, here is a second chance. You can also see how some of the brand new sites we featured just days after their launch have progressed thus far.

Most readers tend to signup for a tracker the moment they see the signup link. But we highly recommend you read the full tracker review (link to which will be provided below each tracker’s description) and only join the sites that would actually be of use for you.

Site Name: HDME (http://hdme.eu)
Signup URL: http://hdme.eu/signup.php
Stats: ~7500 members and 675+ torrents
Description: New HD tracker that has risen to popularity in a quick span of time. Nice interface and content.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Scenelive (http://www.scenelive.org)
Signup URL: http://www.scenelive.org/live/signup.php
Stats: 3600+ users and 1100+ torrents
Description: SceneLive is a general/0day tracker which was initially ratio free. Due to excessive hit and runs, a ratio system has now been introduced.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: AvistaZ (http://bt.avistaz.com)
Signup URL: http://bt.avistaz.com/account.php
Stats: 8200+ torrents and 82400 users
Description: One of the best sites around for Asian movies. Huge user base and torrents index. Seems to have gone through a massive cleanup lately (used to have around 122k users and seems like around 40k of them got deleted for inactivity)
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: T3nnis.tv (http://t3nnis.tv)
Signup URL: http://t3nnis.tv/signup.php
Stats: 18200+ members and 2950+ torrents
Description: Has recorded impressive growth for a niche tracker. One of the best resources on the net for Tennis related multimedia content.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: DVDRSOURCE (http://www.dvdrsource.org)
Signup URL: http://www.dvdrsource.org/svartasignup.php
Description: Simply one of the fastest growing full DVDR trackers that could one day replace the now defunct SWEDVDR. Signups open for members of recently shut down SvartaKatten but that doesn’t mean others can’t join.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

I Love Classics
i love classics 
Site Name: I Love Classics (http://www.iloveclassics.com)
Signup URL: http://www.iloveclassics.com/signup.php
Stats: ~1000 users and 1780+ torrents
Description: As the name suggests, ILC is a tracker for older, classic movies. Has added close to 2k torrents in a short span of time.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Ace-HD (http://www.ace-hd.net)
Signup URL: http://www.ace-hd.net/signup.php
Stats: 4200+ members and 600+ torrents
Description: Ace-HD is a new HD tracker that has shown a lot of promise. Tracks both TV shows and movies in High Def formats.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Romanian ShareReactor
Site Name: Romanian ShareReactor (http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/)
Signup URL: http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/registration.php
Description: One of the best General/0Day trackers to open registrations lately, RsR is a well established site which is over 4 years old. There are only around 200 spots left so hurry.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Games BitShock
games bitshock 
Site Name: Games BitShock (http://games.bitshock.org)
Signup URL: http://games.bitshock.org/signup.php
Stats: 3500+ users and 360 torrents
Description: New games tracker from the same crew behind popular general tracker BitShock.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

The Place
the place 
Site Name: The Place (http://www.theplace.bz
Signup URL: http://theplace.bz/signup.php
Stats: 6000+ users and 13000+ torrents
Description: The Place is a tracker that specializes in lifestyle content including Food, Drinking, Dancing, Health, Fitness, Seduction, NLP and Cooking to Magic Illusions.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here] – Includes reviews of The Vault, The Occult and The Box as well, some of which are also open for signup.

Site Name: PTFiles (http://ptfiles.net/)
Signup URL: http://ptfiles.net/register.php
Stats: 4250+ users and 2250+ torrents
Description: PTFiles is a pretty cool General/0-Day tracker with a nice set of features/add-ons and a good community.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Emuparadise (http://bt.emuparadise.org:6969/index.php)
Signup URL: http://bt.emuparadise.org:6969/index.php?page=signup
Stats: 16650+ users and 1200+ torrents
Description: Emuparadise is BitTorrent tracker for everything related to console emulation. Lots of Emulators, ROMS, etc can be found here. 
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Make Great Music (http://www.makegreatmusic.net)
Signup URL: http://www.makegreatmusic.net/signup.php
Stats: 4500+ users and ~2250 torrents
Description: MakeGreatMusic is a great tracker to have if you want to learn music. It’s also one of the best trackers around for fiction and non fiction audiobooks.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

The Scene
Site Name: The Scene (http://thescene.ro/)
Signup URL: ttp://thescene.ro/signup.php
Stats: ~1350 torrents
Description: TheScene is a ratio free music torrent tracker
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here] 

total sports 
Site Name: Total-Sports (http://total-sports.tv)
Signup URL: http://total-sports.tv/signup.php
Stats: 2150+ users and ~80 torrents
Description: Total-Sports is a new sports tracker which has quickly added over 2k members. Wide variety of sports events are coveered.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Note: All statistics of torrent sites are as of 28/6/2009.

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In our last post we highlighted how important a service Twitter has become in this era. Although there are tons of Twitter apps for various tasks, I’ve not seen many apps that are related to BitTorrent being launched (apart from a few such as TorrentTwitter). This article will teach you how to create a Twitter account that automatically Tweets when new torrents are released on private torrent trackers. It’s not rocket science and is just a matter of bridging together two already existing services; TwitterFeed and tracker RSS.


What we’re goanna do is to ‘burn’ a private tracker’s RSS feed into Twitter so that it’ll tweet whenever a new torrent is added to the tracker. Yeah it’s basically like subscribing to the RSS feed but with followers and 3rd party Twitter apps it’d be way cooler than RSS.

  1. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go to http://twitter.com/signup and create one now.
  2. Visit www.twitterfeed.com and create a new account. Login using the newly created TwitterFeed account and click on ‘go to my twitter feeds (or create a new one)’.
  3. Click on create new feed. You will be asked to fill a form.
  4. In ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields, type the same username and password used for the Twitter account you created at step 1. Paste a compatible RSS feed from private tracker into the ‘RSS feed’ field. Note: For more help on finding a compatible RSS feed, see the ‘How to find a suitable RSS feed’ section below. Set the ‘Update Frequency’ to ‘Every 30 minutes’.
  5. Now this is important – make sure you un-tick the ‘Include item link’ checkbox (See screenshot below). If you use the RSS feed of a private tracker, leaving this checkbox ticked will expose your passkey to the public - this could get you banned from the tracker.
  6. Tick the ‘Active’ checkbox to activate the feed and press the update button.
    twitterfeed config

That should do it. Your twitter account will now automatically tweet when a new torrent is released on the private tracker of your choice.

Choosing an RSS feed

Most private and public BitTorrent trackers now provide RSS updates. On private trackers these can usually be found on the links.php page (ex-http://www.sitename.com/links.php). Some sites index these under rss.php page. On Gazelle based trackers and several other bittorrent sites, you can get the URL of RSS feed by simply logging onto the site and clicking on the orange RSS icon on the browser address bar.

Feeds compatible with TwitterFeed

Some of the private tracker RSS feeds are incompatible with TwitterFeed. If you try to use an incompatible feed, TwitterFeed will return the error message similar to “We couldn't find valid date/time stamps or GUIDs on items. Please make sure your feed contains valid pubDate entries or GUIDs for each post”. In such cases, the only options is to use a feed from another tracker. Here is a list of public and private site RSS feeds that we've found to be working with TwitterFeed.

Note that some trackers offer categorized RSS feeds. Subscribing to a categorized feed is usually better (some trackers allow you to combine updates from several categories into one RSS feed). Subscribing to the entire feed will send Twitter updates for every torrent added to the tracker whether you like it or not – and we could be talking about a hundred releases per day. When you subscribe to categorized or custom feeds, make sure you choose the ‘no cookies’ version (if available).

Want to see how this works? Check out @updateserv. @updateserv is an experimental Twitter account we made some time ago which Tweets about new Game and Movie releases (based on Romanian Sharereactor’s RSS feed).

updateserv twitter

Also, don’t forget that you can follow @filenetworks on Twitter for latest BitTorrent news, leaks and more.

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Although we’ve been having a Twitter account for nearly an year, it lay in an ‘abandoned’ state for the most part . What we mean by abandoned is that there was no human involvement in managing that account – it’s been Tweeting about new articles posted on FILEnetworks Blog which was entirely an automated task. However, with a huge following and a host of services based around it, Twitter has become too valuable of a service to ignore anymore. So we plan to become more involved in updating our Twitter account.

filenetworks twitter

Although not much publicity was given to it, we’ve already got a couple hundred Twitter followers which is great. Anyways if you want to get notified about BitTorrent news, private tracker updates/downtime notices, leaks, downloads, games, software and more, follow @filenetworks on Twitter! You can also send us feedback and use this as a means to contact us directly.

You can of course help us spread the word by retweeting our stories if you think they are worth a read!

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Lately we’ve seen a lot of DVDR trackers being launched and onlyDVDs is the newest site to join this club. It’s a private torrent tracker that deals with untouched (non-rip) DVD5/DVD9 movies. It would be incorrect to say that onlyDVDs is a brand new tracker. It’s in fact a re-launched and re-branded version of the General/0Day tracker once known as Dreamzonept – everything from the site URL to the stylesheet has changed during re-launch and it’s now a completely different tracker than the original. At the time this post is being written, onlyDVDs is just one day old – if what we hear is correct public registrations will remain open during the first month.


onlyDVDs currently has over 250 registered members and close to 50 torrents. These are good statistics for a one day old tracker and the numbers were no doubt boosted by the old user base and the torrents at Dreamzonept (Dreamzonept had quite a few DVDR torrents at the time it was closed). There seems to be a steady flow of new torrents being added to onlyDVDs and it would be great if this trend continues without being limited to the first few days since launch.

As for the content available on this tracker, it’s mainly movies. Judging by the list of categories, both new/old movies as well as animation will be added. Screenshot below shows part of the torrent index of onlyDVDs:

onlydvd torrents

Like most other private BitTorrent trackers, onlyDVDs does have a bonus system where you can trade bonus points for upload credits or invites. Invites seem to be pretty cheap – you can buy 3 of them for just 20 credits (while 75 credits are required to purchase 1GB upload credit).

It’s still too early to make predictions about the success/failure of onlyDVDs since it’s so new. You can check the site out for yourself since registrations are open.

Site Name: onlyDVDs (http://onlydvds.org)

Signup URL: http://onlydvds.org/signup.php


  • DVD5
  • DVD9
  • PT

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Release group RAGEMP3 quits the scene after raids

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/27/2009 | | 7 Comments »

This news is about 3 days old but since it was never given much publicity, here goes. If you read this TorrentFreak article, you are probably aware of the recent raids conducted against well known MP3 release groups from the warez scene. Although the article only mentions DV8 , raids directly affected another popular group RAGEMP3. From what we know the leader of DV8 (who got arrested) was also the leader of RAGEMP3. And it is now confirmed that at least one of these groups has quit the scene for good. Quoted below is a SceneNotice posted by RAGEMP3:

Due to the recent events, RAGEMP3 is now officially done.  We had a long run and it was a great 10 years.  Someone made a poor decision and now a veteran group is shutting it's doors.  Thanks for everything.


ps. griffen is a bitch and a fed.  So delete him from your sites.

There were a lot of rumors about RAGEMP3/DV8 leader re-selling promos on E-Bay. We don’t know if these rumors were true but there were other SceneNotices that flamed both the groups for trading music – I_Am_Very_Good_At_Trading-Look_My_Skills-(Retail)-2009-RAGEMP3 and VA-Now_Thats_What_I_Call-Obvious_Auttot_Rading-EBAY_PROMO-2009-DV8.

There will of course be another group to take RAGEMP3’s place but they really were veterans when it came to scene released MP3s. A lot of the promos and advance MP3 releases that hit the scene in the recent past were by these two groups. R.I.P.

It is currently not known of DV8 too has officially quit.

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vgmTorrents is really a unique private BitTorrent tracker. It’s probably the only tracker in the world  that is completely dedicated to video game music. It’s true that sites such as LZTR have  soundtracks from games but it’s not really their specialty. vgmTorrents on the other hand is all about official soundtracks (OST) of games. Most of the game OST available on this tracker are pretty rare and not usually found on even the largest of General trackers. vgmTorrents is a new entrant to the BitTorrent scene ( launched on May 2009) but things have so far looked good for this tracker.

vgmtorrents logo

The following text which describes vgmTorrents and it’s goals is quoted from the site’s ‘About’ page:

vgmTorrents is a videogame music related private tracker. We do care about the quality and reliability of our releases, trying to offer any kind of VGM content, from soundtracks to documentaries and video interviews. Our goal is to let anybody know about videogame music, a genre which is generally overlooked, largely because most of those CDs are out of stock, or only available in Japan and Asian online stores, with high-priced shipping costs. Anyone can upload VGM stuff on vgmTorrents, though registration is required to ensure anybody does have a positive sharing ratio. You are more than welcome in the community - enjoy videogame music!

As of 27/6/2009 vgmTorrents tracks over 200 video game music torrents. Most of the audio is in lossless formats while some OST are in MP3 and AAC. Check out the following screenshot to get a better idea about the site’s content:

vgmTorrents screenshot

One of the best things about vgmTorrents is that it’s not just a torrent tracker. They have a frequently updated blog (which is the homepage), a twitter account, Last.fm page, live RSS feeds and more. At the time this post is being written, public registrations are enabled so check it out. If you are a video game music enthusiast or a collector, this tracker is a must have.

Site Name: vgmTorrents (http://vgmtorrents.net)

Signup URL: http://vgmtorrents.net/wp-login.php?action=register

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It’s been a while since we featured a huge private tracker. Yep, despite court cases and countless raids, large BitTorrent sites still exist in almost all parts of the world (Torrents.Ru, ArenaBG, RARBG, Zamunda, Partis.si to name a few). mojblink is one such huge private tracker that is based in Slovenia. Although it’s a Slovenian tracker, English releases are plentiful on mojblink. In fact almost all major scene and p2p releases can be found on this tracker. Also, there is no shortage of freeleech packs on mojblinks – some of these packs however seem to have been taken from other elite trackers.

mojblink screenshot

As mentioned in the title of this article, this is a huge tracker. As of 26/6/2009 there are over 48500 registered users and 17000+ active torrents in the database. When compared to ArenaBG and Zamunda (which do not enforce mandatory ratio requirements), mojblink has tight rules regarding ratio. Users need to maintain a upload:download ratio of 0.9 or above in order to survive on this tracker.

As for the content tracked by mojblink,there is a huge amount of English scene and p2p releases available on this tracker. It does track local Slovenian content as well. Like most other General/0Day trackers, there are plenty of freeleech packs online as well - some the packs are shown in the screenshot below:

mojblink screen

Did you notice the ending tags on torrent pack names? Tags such as –TL, ScT, TVT, TBy only means these are exclusive packs tracked by TorrentLeech, TvTorrents, SceneTorrents, TorrentBytes and other private trackers. Although ‘stealing’ exclusive packs is frowned upon in the Bittorrent community, I don’t think leechers of mojblinks would mind at all.

blink’s interface is kinda cool and has a web 2.0 look to it. However it might be a turn off for English speaking users – everything is written on Slovenian. Even so it’s fairly easy to find your way around the site even without knowing any Slovenian – most of you probably won’t use any other part of the site than the torrent index anyways. 

Registrations are open and interested readers mayu create an account for free.

Site Name: mojblink (http://mojblink.com)

Signup URL: http://mojblink.com/login.php and click on ‘Registracija‘ to expand signup menu

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How to fix Overlord 2 crash at startup

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/26/2009 | | 18 Comments »

PC version of Overlord 2, the sequel to 2007’s popular 3rd person action adventure game, was released to the public just two days ago. From what I have experienced so far it’s a pretty decent game which retains the cartoon styled ‘evil’ and humor from the original game. Overlord 2 seemingly does not contain any showstopper bugs but several people have experienced crashes when trying to launch the game. If you are one of those souls, here is something you can do to fix it.

Overlord 2 PC Cover

As you may already know most recently released games support hardware based physics acceleration (through NVIDIA PhysX and so on). Overlord 2 is no exception. In fact it seems to have developed ‘special bond’ with PhysX; the game is likely to crash on startup if latest version of NVIDIA PhysX is not installed. The strange part is that you might be required to install PhysX even if you own an ATI video card. Overlord 2 seems to require the PhysX runtime in order to function properly – it won’t give you hardware accelerated physics effects when using ATI cards or NVIDIA cards without PhysX support, but it will at least let you run the game without it crashing at launch.

[Click Here] to download NVIDIA PhysX System Software v9.09.0428 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

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Pirate Bay to file charges against Sweden?

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/25/2009 | | 0 Comments »

Yep, you heard correctly – it’s not the other way round. Crew behind the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker is likely to file charges against their home country, Sweden for violation of human rights. The move comes shortly after Sweden’s appeals court ruled that the previous verdict against TPB was not affected by bias and a retrial was unnecessary. Further details are not known at this moment. If you were wondering where we got this piece of information, brokep (TPB admin) twittered it about an hour ago:

The Pirate Bay will now file charges against Sweden for violation for Human Rights. More info later. (The bias-judge is himself biased...)

You can follow brokep on Twitter via http://twitter.com/brokep. Regardless of what the outcome of the court case is, there’ll definitely be a lot of drama in the coming months. Anyways it’s good to see at least one BitTorrent tracker taking anti pirates head on in the courts – it’s an uphill battle but who knows, TPB might emerge victorious after all.

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TVTorrents.com down, PTN set to return

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/25/2009 | | 11 Comments »

As always, the past week has been a quite eventful one for the BitTorrent scene. New trackers were launched, several existing trackers were closed and some trackers that were down have begun to show signs of life. Through this article we hope to discuss about the recent downtime of TVTorrents.com, the return of PTN and the closure of RandomByes and SvartaKatten. And of course, if you know something we don’t, feel free to share the info by posting a comment to this article.

PTN set to return

Fans of this popular ratio free movie torrent tracker can finally heave a sigh of relief. PTN is showing signs of life after being down for several consecutive days. The tracker is already up and the site now displays the following notice:

PTN message

It’s about time folks, I’m already missing those movie packs!

R.I.P. RandomBytes and SvartaKatten

It’s never a good news when a BitTorrent tracker closes down for good. Unfortunately it happens once in a while and latest sites to join the private tracker graveyard are RandomBytes (RBy) and SvartaKatten. Both these trackers have seemingly shut down due to financial reasons (at least they were not sued). Following is quoted from RBY’s homepage:

The reason for this is, we were hit with a 680 euro bill for bandwidth usage. That is on top of the monthly server bills. All bandwidth was supposed to be inclusive. We have never begged for donations and won’t start now. Instead of moving I have decided to close. The site has become too much of a strain financially and mentally.

Part of the message displayed on SvartaKatten’s home page (translated) is also posted below:

It's been an honor to share with you.
Black Cat is hereby closed as of June 21, 2009.
It has been a very enjoyable time with much laughter, experiences and good movies! But everything has its time, and unfortunately, we had a couple of holes in the hull from the outset who did so that we finally took in too much water and sank.

If you want to know how these two trackers looked in the past, you can read our RandomBytes review through this link and SvartaKatten review can be found here. R.I.P.

TVTorrents.Com is offline


UPDATE: Great news. TVT.COM is back online. Reason for downtime is currently unknown. Something I just noticed is that their invites system has been re-enabled after being disabled for a while (don’t know if this is a glitch).

Original Article: TVTorrents.COM, one of the largest and most popular TV torrent trackers in existence, has been unreachable for about 24 hours. To make matters worse, the site’s IRC channel (irc://irc.tvtorrents.com/tvtorrents) has been down as well. Since TVT.COM has disappeared without a warning or an explanation, it’s users should no doubt feeling a little uneasy. Although this tracker suffered from several downtimes in the recent past, they were usually pretty short and the site came back up within hours. In almost all these cases the IRC server was never disrupted. Anyway let’s hope this is not something serious – we’ll update if when get any new info.

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Crack for ARMA 2 delayed by FADE DRM protection

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/25/2009 | | 2 Comments »

ARMA 2, the highly anticipated tactical shooter from Bohemeia interactive, has finally been released to the public. Given the game’s generally positive ratings and popularity of previous games by its developer (Operation Flashpoint, ArmA : Armed Assault, to name a few), it looks like ARMA 2 will go on to become a huge hit in 2009. However if you are one of those folks looking to pirate the game, you might have to wait a little longer. ARMA 2 is protected by DRM and it’s full of triggers that makes gameplay a living hell for pirates.

ARMA 2 Cover Image

ARMA 2 is protected by FADE DRM system developed by Macrovision. Unlike most other protections, FADE won’t throw and error message upon detecting a pirated copy. It will let you play the game normally and you’ll be overjoyed at first thinking that your hack or crack to bypass the protection actually worked. However FADE will disable game features one by one, eventually making it unplayable for the pirates (remember the drunk camera in GTA4?). 

This is exactly what’s happening with ARMA2. For the few pirates who actually managed to get the game running (using the leaked image or using a non English copy) FADE is proving to be a tough nut to crack. According to posts on various gaming forums, pirates are experiencing problems with aiming (inaccurate aim/unable to aim left and right), camera issues such as locked or wobbly camera, useless bullets, weak AI, difficulty issues, control issues and so on (well some of these might be actual bugs with the game – there is no way to know).

Currently there is no crack that properly disables the FADE protection. Whatever fixes that are circulating on file sharing networks are either partially working solutions or fakes. Given the time consuming task of identifying and removing FADE triggers one by one, a working crack might not surface for a while anyway.

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About a month ago we featured Bibliotik – a new private torrent tracker with lots of library material such as comics, audiobooks, E-Books, novels, magazines and so on. Although invites were/are available on IRC channel, Bibliotik has not had any open signups ever since its public launch back in May 2009. So if you still have not managed to get into this tracker, here is some great news – we bring you 250 valid invite codes which can be used to create free Bibliotik accounts. There is no need to go through interviews or to provide ratio proofs/speedtest results/profile links – just grab a code from the list below.

Just as we predicted, Bibliotik recorded an impressive growth over the past month or so. It now tracks a massive collection of over 5300 torrents most of which are E-books (in .LIT, .PDF and .TXT formats). You can download fiction, non fiction and educational E-books from this tracker along with comics, magazines, audiobooks, journals and scholarly articles. Bibliotik runs on a customized version of Gazelle codebase – torrent collections based on authors/publishers/artists, tagging, advanced search and requests are just some of the notable features available on this site.

bibliotik screenshot

And now for the invites. In our last few giveaways, readers were asked to send a blank email to our (or tracker staff’s) E-mail address so that an invite could be mailed back. Since I am in no mood to send 250 E-mails (and no other editor would offer to do it- the lazy asses), the entire list of codes has been pasted below. Note that codes are served on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We have a limited number of invites at our disposal so you might want to hurry.

Note: This is a FILEnetworks exclusive giveaway. We don’t mind you sharing this news with your friends at other BitTorrent forums/sites but please do not copy paste the list of invitation codes elsewhere. If you want to share the news, feel free to link to this article instead. This giveaway should be productive for both the users as well as the tracker itself – we do not want random people signing up just because they can, without even knowing what Bibliotik is about.

  1. 020a1db26e9dcc5486701788e8dd1be51697118a
  2. 022a942d2485f5afad606663bdfeff568d7bb115
  3. 028b7ac2e08fe63cd808c44ee6aedf424ba69eec
  4. 02dfeea4c7fb0291cc4d1363639583c9b9c97472
  5. 030e48d9deec9912ce97ef67930ac71f1b3b2636
  6. 030e7508e8f470096b9a477368014565d6448dd3
  7. 0343e86f93c9ca0b1d43e7d5c238c27e17dc2360
  8. 03791539087ec02773407658159196e90d7022a4
  9. 03cd55277aef304091bde983f61cdcc56e6c6760
  10. 046a3259e6d5cd63343efcfdfb4352ca1c8eb710
  11. 046df5ce8990321dcf761e33ef103a41a277eee0
  12. 04e88b0714b5b9235771dc92b2c40eb79643ac9b
  13. 0509375d5d16bd302b9b84b1cfcf2c46cf61eebf
  14. 05130c612e9522af5e1137230c3228b7f24d074f
  15. 055338e0cfe10fb28ffb51322e0def18a66fd33d
  16. 05ff0fe303feee4e26244a9d3cdb544954a5f570
  17. 060cbf32fb0a4b5974ad7a4a96c96c640a9781a2
  18. 06b68d3bdf5e23d32749f0dbaa9af202f338e169
  19. 0819c43bbeb7a0e920a7d8b319b4ca0f868e042d
  20. 081b0f537038c17583f954485e47379ae02b7919
  21. 088f460c33a34fb3b8107f589436a17491f491c0
  22. 08e73b1720844b6b39f1e09e6808f1ddf0a32804
  23. 099b6cb7221fce75bd60c099177c95bcc550fbe4
  24. 099e0726caeb9eb25e9cecaf52465e8e00333b23
  25. 0a1c287bda3e993d8739162fe76aad30cbe5cf12
  26. 0a8430616910d2595cee0d5527d304c2f476758c
  27. 0a8b3a51ff5ab4cae14959c2ee7429d6e062176c
  28. 0aaf00b19f0f5b89c632b4ae2b14ceca743334c0
  29. 0b489bae7882f6ec91aae9f85d26edce47e4e785
  30. 0ba8fd6314a2169991784e115cbfbe70bbbcf83f
  31. 0bb6ab6d6a5b8a7856b5d32661a6738a11da0e25
  32. 0c04043ff315ed7f957889e89243fd1d117a8e52
  33. 0c545387d6485110422e7a2ce783c39916e89114
  34. 0d14767a29e677d0d4b81b214e6e7e342fef45e5
  35. 0d2e399f4b14b66f474351d45ddaffe3dc4d040e
  36. 0d6111931c7a45d020d4a9d4698db6774799c9a9
  37. 0de1a781889c70dc3f9e2bd0a0baf4fd2417129f
  38. 0df2e7b62020424f26c1e0df8baf7b3f7acfd33b
  39. 0eb4a44c084069506c360a3bcd8973b89fef7c7f
  40. 0f2f5a887c59e88be93d16e5e3fd9b490c2bb696
  41. 0f36cb7dddbc4f23e288a4f3b63b9c3a3202589b
  42. 0f6da88a5f2ebb0fdfd8cd385f9741e87fcce7ad
  43. f92abceb2e46c2b50a6e8a946675fd5234106e8
  44. 0f96f03705f52d6e0b35284828e0c3305517710f
  45. 0fdcffa7ed4eee387c616801921e3e45f90b4d83
  46. 1056bb9e8b1b686b4aa0d87ea216548acffad651
  47. 113bdd24393bda7f767311fdc347e885b55bf086
  48. 11765f55085ec749389d3a39db8a7f118ede677b
  49. 11d57b0467ba213df0da5d4c2cb692fc017faff7
  50. 11e386c88c28aded133bc00f196d0b9e95943fc2
  51. 12532e54975c416c4230d576ebeef90760f08aba
  52. 12962677963cbc4e03bb5715111ba46664256e90
  53. 1305cdb8d152ff5da8ddab4a112d71d3faac0471
  54. 130bbe6174b17d05b60af6727b7589342f9a45d3
  55. 137f203d787604f4a5ff68092d20806b5115d236
  56. 1393b92b91083f805466aa4f473314c90c07e4fa
  57. 13e46c7923478f83e941ac0fd4522f1fbf5730a9
  58. 13ec1f75b30d4943caa4421e6ff99d3da90a58c8
  59. 14338448cad26ff7e574177887440b557ce10e00
  60. 1442ab1edaa28657d9fe842532939225e8ee6ab1
  61. 144f34568d4b6ef230ba8ad1b036505d29f91f8e
  62. 14608a5713480edaad7ff36187029fdb18912dd5
  63. 14d243976b5cde3243f221b74fd548f01a43f283
  64. 14daefcacfc183fc52481515913e6430cf87e511
  65. 14f5e81343e1197ae2b848a798db7aa8782ccece
  66. 1546fc4e0fe8fa918503974446a61917f9f9ed04
  67. 1592c572d0c189b5f465e565753f2025b823ed20
  68. 160d5334efc5f214c509c0f3b1e75512ae0192d3
  69. 1627301869b625efd04ec925dd83db57f74410ee
  70. 17369cda860ee517e7d8dbd05c7c2b212570eeec
  71. 175420108029936f2740a424894505809dc8af61
  72. 179554a99e2314aad249ba10826d8a269ffde31e
  73. 17fd99ba6473ffb064002b524638ef7e91fb7088
  74. 182b1fec4fe2afbc1582b234864d84f829efaf58
  75. 182b3661cf33ce92b23052ff941957edede1b530
  76. 185e258580779ba82feee29dc8f15c573268c46c
  77. 187a87f39b9e091e0a6708c6624a5c52eddc10d2
  78. 187e3a12984411a2072c782ed421b854270ced3f
  79. 18ab62b2b3e8905d8ac42672c50f4518caa847a7
  80. 18fdd8a11cc182d48551f30c8ea64e12612d485e
  81. 195cae28cf2440743023a32e9346e45c79eec19d
  82. 1970390e740dab333837e81ccc21e5fe5a010ccc
  83. 1a0f7adeb6bf45cd95048bf9baa569f05c92521e
  84. 1a3fe74acec286a9f2289b44bddf401bec1018fe
  85. 1a5854b7dd98622aa883f148f17d0cb9b1016c72
  86. 1a829a7f17249fac3aabce3fadff571b907857ae
  87. 1a84462dbce6270833bd02b0f534ef19bd7e15f4
  88. 1ab2f40e85389cb0faf529949bdc7aa115f9d446
  89. 1b1a3d45b230422d5003a897a042b5165aaf395a
  90. 1b24460135ed164adfee239e1d42c222266abae0
  91. 1b39f05be8208db54120ba63911a65343ebc51b5
  92. 1be2707e0694d348c835acbd221651eb3eba1189
  93. 1c31b0a32f3fee24abfe709c477549d3977f4762
  94. 1cf9dd65ede31e9267ca646fe010baaf6edfc269
  95. 1d347e5b930a18c5414eda16f4e30db0ebc9fcfe
  96. 1d44e5192c0a703324a88b8c915459b258114ebd
  97. 1d4e241fda04be3089b5be914a60814c0bfa4791
  98. 1da8802096299da03d1aadf6eb11e3dc4065ef06
  99. 1de7c1d378db24952cd988f330cacfe4fddd1c37
  100. 1e3278604fbb7ee66981b6d0095c05546769ba40
  101. 1e3ae51a1b6c20488fc7010b53c8cb917f4a99f3
  102. 1eb309ac1b4baf1ea267ffc9fbbbdf9ea710a2b5
  103. 1ed87c6d4a27f152facc9367804133f1d9268604
  104. 1f410c101c10b18e86bcac1258ff19f0e67dac9e
  105. 1fed0bd0a2a8bd8d25605572f416150c4436088d
  106. 203fc2a48c9fef58766778c812d609ec6eae87fa
  107. 20738bbc67790cd000ea4833b6c5a3b860f29550
  108. 207aeecab0d249b485fe0437eeaa2a0fa6e345d3
  109. 20aa6cd76d1866039673f4278994f6fb84e1fccc
  110. 20cdb4c1d3ea92a253b28aa8b17c3233f7d4879b
  111. 2141a14ec10d6b1d8b6faf3a57382aac34767e42
  112. 21ba6aee84f4ac8f4c2d7cc9c2e55a4e1e48460c
  113. 2209d292e576cb0d8eb1bf786f9133100701394f
  114. 2209d2d848a612fce36797101086bc08225c5ae8
  115. 22a196043ee0b44e71a9e6b7cf4e4a600bf45c3c
  116. 22b6ae99057a759f3dcc938c86955f0f4827def8
  117. 22bac16d54ee0b5ef12b4df59a9a79a49fd3c458
  118. 22fe94e0f90d559a4d70bd3cb5a6f1854cf924e6
  119. 23c1d6baaf4ba65b517446cecbf4e079fc34678f
  120. 2402254fe4b26494f160b2c9625ac3b0bb89e41a
  121. 242901e7491198ac9e6ce9f5c41d3ceeb4d1890d
  122. 25742e3e3cf9347b2a22e876bc9f8662bf94bbef
  123. 2598cff62035d846ad6a8363c387b0e7893760a0
  124. 25c1ee8d3250723a8d8832473a3a165741b8a166
  125. 2620f44d0d476da0f404dd3fae6c9b59a5af7905
  126. 2661081fa20d3cee4224c5c522884c152bb42823
  127. 26d1e0e5a907175a15fee841ba662ecb53b831bb
  128. 277bca3501559b948f8acb386ead91786b01d12b
  129. 277bf23890f896823849a8f6d9d4cdcf382a6ef9
  130. 28219dfa95d3123416118874b08e48974e9820c0
  131. 282508e2bd786c6f4857e6aa34dc759b72228784
  132. 28365d9f0c75a653f39d4d1facc858e1fdefb50e
  133. 285f0dc696274276ed10fb88f0c43b51c536dc98
  134. 29417396833b3aad8a583fb13b1c547579479b56
  135. 2952e0ac5c560bcc9b4de3e56ecaa4218b701173
  136. 295be0dacb3e1a8678af6da0988b5956950d3932
  137. 2966fec97211fd15ebdd661481e9552bc4350835
  138. 2981df6db5892423b5b1096c29376cfcb99ba8ec
  139. 29b3f387cc14ada583ddb6cfdbb2449d0c955565
  140. 29c86e893c43958db4190d208ec41e30a0c135f7
  141. 2a092387ff03717511408b051ed7348b5f78c16c
  142. 2a340563d1ec5158efbf989ddf8141a59c83f9b1
  143. 2aa35aa7a81dea2adc3b0c50c616c46fdedd5e1b
  144. 2abec15e4bcce33919e77cc47e06269a8b9cba84
  145. 2ac8b898a8a4c5f4101f8f48a9b68fc1c93acad4
  146. 2adafcee03e8a247c098838b859d4c0ed1b321cd
  147. 2b2bff9b2eef588af6bcf807a7c50d48fc4f0a6d
  148. 2b5a4f1fd486845377dd9ec7b95c5a8084c3218b
  149. 2bde97c95606c84a95615f415a7650287d0a4a0d
  150. 2c5052ee7eccb1a1969151b6c4a28db46f8d453a
  151. 2cf9ddc72e492b6eabbc77e1a49ac1e6d1e755a4
  152. 2d433f9e44a370ef65cead228694179415fdb55d
  153. 2dfb1236dbdea1b35525af3fab2ef98ec7bf104e
  154. 2e13c9eeae312002f5e3fbddcc903b75004b66e8
  155. 2e8e2bda5777d57d114b24ef667dc7a79032281e
  156. 2ebac9e6339870a8ccf9063ff78a58f03710c35a
  157. 2f67113f5afce8e416c968011aefa91e637fb9b9
  158. 2f8af60e77d5c0d644df978a505f7b052cef7fc0
  159. 2ff40b6910bd298e8bf46f2ee4f7cd033623e056
  160. 3032fb58d338c734cd9609fa09c4970cbc8d0002
  161. 30643ad55ad13a25d24be9b96e8da2788c45984c
  162. 3156170f6b589c1e7555bd0e4ab9c218d3d1d9a3
  163. 318e532e8f93b9797d1fd7d000d597112dd74ef2
  164. 319ab98e7c12294dccfa86b85dcbdd264c223fd8
  165. 31c49f2a2f50463bacd4005b9d603a58abfb7ade
  166. 32755a7c477f001b1c8070fc3f09b6de8fb21511
  167. 33504dde2a9b4f51e6bfa19c860690e01714f3aa
  168. 3476914da6167782d37e5077e5937792b2796167
  169. 348b9e949e9fe3f97a4af06d4c56a1b7f862eb57
  170. 34ad6c1509e56de67170f306bc148217d88bfcc1
  171. 34c770ddc133add9654a6c2ead9ecb1704577b67
  172. 3548f20bbf483760b9a7e253e37f94840e6ea8e4
  173. 3593eb5f47a918fe974565e996f80d8ac1720a3d
  174. 35ca428a58a6214e3c1a01eb59dd9e400632fb1e
  175. 35db75b141c3b4e574be52375922827061dc0243
  176. 35e3f3f84980d5556f483de459eb8ae4aeb69912
  177. 36cf5a270381a826d78aa26100562b2236819447
  178. 36d63bdf0482d12bb2127dea65c20cf81382be2e
  179. 36e3199e14285a140611871647724dc0083dd821
  180. 36e660c963f556d8dd49546d8d98d4facdb9ef04
  181. 36f38dee5b8ec44dced697c0328031d93adb7076
  182. 370d4fc8403e4438f0bba40ec3c38f2ab6bfa92e
  183. 374ce37801ac153a080fd85dbfe58686aad23952
  184. 3757261f7e9ecb3d1adaf7a1334ab08487978d07
  185. 378e0377dbd3ccd5eaaa45360bcbc10df42fc34d
  186. 37dfd89d6484e6e3487e3ed3aec541043b396de4
  187. 383f0bdf4dfbdad7d44c7e0d9026989dd32d7c48
  188. 386a6a536a0ed5b90eeaa6e5757bd8d264b1b4ab
  189. 38d646ee28ca513758a8533d6fee95fc186337ee
  190. 39f5e4402b922c0632eb48eb8a9c102d28b9c604
  191. 3a094ab0ecf0ba5c10fc1db6c88caf673699a247
  192. 3a8af14e3868fec7d28a4ce445a287364ccf1df7
  193. 3ab4d469805db6e2c6710ea5c8817ed9889b790d
  194. 3b0c834569e6769ff2beeaa6802474383888da25
  195. 3b2ffd587c0abae4f69dc1343b0310de7e6db23b
  196. 3b74fbc40436699f0629a7853425dce1581224d1
  197. 3bfe012089c8fb642e1ef92ec89f0ca96accbae8
  198. 3c15334354b40576b47ff6a41e4c7819ef0dc09c
  199. 3c2af8dfaaf9120041f80558eeb1795082eb660f
  200. 3c43aec001e69f5cacca6ce86c5abcce22a76d13
  201. 3c54009471b3ba6be7429f090d28fc85480127cf
  202. 3cf406ae831ad6075c174e6f05511e85f5b2b8a4
  203. 3d236085065eb4c8a6221b1040c8fc77a6d10f5c
  204. 3d285108b9cb7e9b8e6e520ae3cfc48fe11ba1a5
  205. 3d3561e5bd2c1ebf110c558c75b491ac5ad4319c
  206. 3d4628b2fee4bc71b7ddde41b29ba3b30e63d18d
  207. 3dde95aaf21bad82bc829aba20dfb0e51d701083
  208. 3dea39a1fd3272304ff9235b797013990c2db643
  209. 3e1734262ff216cbda720003e805c3b774aea2c5
  210. 3ed32e97a873de6a63ae86cffd779a4fac80f4b2
  211. 3f69e1ecbe288d335ccef01339eb5021f538bd4a
  212. 3fb4c4829c46284919e35b6daaa0c19df37c3b93
  213. 3ffdae44c7b43285542d1a54b0f8e2857fa1ca71
  214. 401f6917d9d303d57d3d2aac4c73f7bdf5b3ad1d
  215. 4033ee4de97899e901a3a876b7e4db369309ebd2
  216. 409fe53840d80d6297fa4955e33f8896873a80d1
  217. 411bd57e508a111274a3556d24f148898a8d7d10
  218. 4136aac5b7fbde911991accc813410846fb70929
  219. 4138081e01c7384ab2f62691ba45e5cb39a08f61
  220. 4182f2a013bc50029ae424dee51fddc307122d18
  221. 4187cd759591c64f9215670e98d7019b1b782b3d
  222. 421233b69226bad90f840270c9a2b7f8751e10b0
  223. 4244fa7a41e266f89e37a84fe813627361ded5b7
  224. 42ac64222c877cb7b3c95125a97a9e6c48317854
  225. 42c81960548438b2a2d81c0d96d0107abff9e7d8
  226. 437958fdc2e31f0cd47d980ea8d7a7f60632beb7
  227. 4382e07ac784b9a7bc987cf215edc65884768939
  228. 443dbc26e778832451d2c366a98ec6ef7c3e1f19
  229. 44d32f94ea8c7b75e1b294c1c2ef93fa1c722466
  230. 45045d011db505877c1d7c223cecd3e95b116d87
  231. 45243092e8595aa358003c5d4c507ed2b6720f5d
  232. 454c98ee93a9095d5eabaf1a7921fc2cfb6c818e
  233. 456b47c4bee151c8dd8a9f3e382b10f0fdbcb460
  234. 45962d97cfae1145d5677b74b2d374bae030a8b8
  235. 45a882779c0d61d40f0836cb1c5ab6d527c667a7
  236. 45f197687e3a66bdf7c61e3db04072e8027f2967
  237. 4647a9fc000f400ec6c802fccd130697521fb99b
  238. 46503474d29c7db5cec83acf94eb3020f1cd86d1
  239. 468bd13203060a464fed157f61fe89fa69dd9259
  240. 46d755341e3f041ab536f858923d48cb7a0cc2f9
  241. 46ee2760536cb157d1f416a15254db968af678dd
  242. 46f10db7204f8134c56400ac0c9193db46483b5d
  243. 4748e74d68a026536a5b535ce75232bac0baba98
  244. 47da7e6f5d8b018eda1c1f0b6b26015c401d38ee
  245. 4815a63bf265c0e823bb8a1499bbc4e0b60b6371
  246. 4926c4bf0f80de0ae8d359d5a9b72e15f277b1d0
  247. 498abbfef06590362a0678f4f0d1319c349eb227

(Yes, it’s actually 247 codes, not 250 as the title claims :p )

How to use the invitation code

Enter URL with format below in your browser address bar:
<insert invite code here>/

Good Luck!

Special thanks to Bibliotik administrators and staff.

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Your favorite coded magazine is back with another issue. The Game Scene Charts (TGSC) is a monthly electronic publication which ranks and rates best PC game release groups in the warez scene. Although only a few know of its existence, TGSC has been around for more than three years (since August 2006) and has tracked the progress of game release groups for quite some time. Since this is a coded magazine, you don’t need any special software to view it – everything you need (and even background music) is self contained within a single exe file.

TGSC May 2009

The latest issue (#31) summarizes group progress for the month of May 2009. It also includes two interviews with well known release groups POSTMORTEM and VeCTRONiX. Apart from that all the usual articles such as the monthly overview, all time overview, group release stats and many others are included in TGSC May 2009 issue. Interested readers can download the mag using the links below.


[Click Here] to download Game Scene Chart Magazine Issue 31 from Netload.in

[Click Here] to download Game Scene Chart Magazine Issue 31 from Mediafire

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The Swedish Anti Piracy agency’s recent threats against private torrent trackers seem to have done nothing more than refresh a few existing trackers and accelerate the launch of several more. Most of the trackers that initially shut down have returned and those that could not return have given birth to spinoff sites making the Swedish tracker scene even stronger. Swepiracy, a popular General/0day tracker, was one of the very first Sweden based BitTorrrent sites to shut down following TPB’s defeat in court. However it was also one of the first trackers to come back online (along with PirateTorrents) and it looks like Swepiracy is trying to become even stronger – public registrations have been opened.


As mentioned earlier Swepiracy is a General/0Day tracker. It does track all kinds of torrents including games and appz but a lot of focus has been given to scene DVDR releases. In fact, a large percentage of indexed torrents in this tracker are scene releases and this includes some torrents specific to Swedish/Nordic regions. Majority of the indexed content however is in English.

Swepiracy Screenshot 

Swepiracy is by no means a small tracker. With close to 15000 members and 2000+ torrents it’s a pretty decent General/0-day site. Currently it’s user limit set to 15000 and tracker staff seem to be pruning a lot of inactive accounts at the moment. As mentioned earlier registrations are currently open and there is room for at least 80 people at the time this post is being written (if more accounts are pruned it could be a lot more than 80 free slots) .

Site Name: Swepiracy (http://www.swepiracy.org)

Alternative URL: http://www.swepiracy.nu

Signup URL: http://www.swepiracy.org/signup.php

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Most of us don’t give a damn about duplicate files present in our hard drivers but the truth is that they could eat a lot of disk space. Extra copies of existing files are always created by the operating system as well as application programs even though the user is unaware of it. You computer could really get cluttered with junk if this process continues for some time. Most of the time, extra copies of the files can be safely deleted. But how do you detect them? This is where the ‘Fast Duplicate File Finder’ comes in. It’s a free software that is designed with one goal in mind – find extra copies.

The app is actually pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to launch the program, start a new project and add a folder (or an entire drive) to be scanned. In a few seconds a complete list of duplicate files found on the target location will be displayed. You can delete unnecessary files right from this view itself. The program itself is pretty lightweight and is only around 1.6MB in file size. It does not add any startup entries or services to the system and will not consume half your computer’s resources.

fast duplicate file finder

Developer Description

Fast Duplicate File Finder will help you find fast all duplicate files in a folder and its sub folders. The applications will compare the content of your files so it will find duplicates even if they are using different file names. It uses fast binary comparison algorithm and has internal preview supporting a lot of image, video, music and text file formats. You can also preview the files in binary mode. When the scan process is finished the program shows you all duplicate files in groups and can automatically mark the older files for deletion. The auto mark algorithm has advanced settings to exclude from auto mark files with user specified extensions, file sizes, file dates and file names. You can also set which folders you want to exclude from the auto mark. There is an option to protect system files and folders which is recommended to be turned on.


  • Find all duplicate files in user specified folders, drives or entire computers.
  • Fast binary comparison algorithm
  • Internal preview supporting images, videos, music, text and binary files
  • Older files can be automatically marked for deletion
  • Duplicate files can be moved to Recycle Bin, custom folder or deleted permanently
  • Support for all kinds of removable media - usb drives, diskettes etc.
  • Has intuitive interface and rich documentation
  • Process priority settings that will let the application scan in your computers IDLE time
  • Protection for system files and folders that will prevent damages to your system files
  • Automatically locate duplicate files in Windows Explorer
  • Open file with associated program
  • Multi-language file system support


[Click Here] to download the latest version of Duplicate File Finder from official download page (Direct Download)

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Although we talk about private torrent trackers every day, a considerable number of our readers still use public BitTorrent sites. Torrent indexes with general content such as as Mininova, Demonoid and the The Pirate Bay are hugely popular but did you know that there are specialized public trackers that focus on a single torrent category rather than ‘general content’? Few examples are MVGroup (for documentaries), EZTV (for TV series) and SuperFundo (for movies). This post is about another similar public BitTorrent site; XTVi. XTVi’s specialty is TV torrents – it lists hundreds of TV shows from the UK and the US.


With an Alexa rank of ~14600, one can assume that XTVi has a very large user base. It’s a huge site when it comes to content too – there are over 100 different TV shows currently indexed. Unlike private trackers or some public sites such as TPB, XTVi does not maintain it’s own BitTorrent tracker. It however does host .torrent files but the actual tracking is done by external trackers.

One of the best features of this site is the hundreds of customized RSS feeds it provides – basically there is a separate RSS feed for every show indexed on XTVi. If you automate the downloading of favorite TV shows based on RSS feeds, this site should definitely be of use to you. XTVi’s RSS feeds are compatible with applications such as Miro and TED (Torrent Episode Downloader) and it actually is a good alternative for now defunct FeedMyTorrents. Screenshot below captures part of XTVi’s torrent index (notice the RSS icon next to each show):

XTVi tv torrents

Another great thing about XTVi is that there are no fakes - a common problem associated with public torrent sites. All torrents on this site are verified and you can start the download without thinking twice.

Speaking of XTVi’s layout and interface, it’s torrent index is well organized. A small section on the homepage lists torrents of most recently aired TV episodes. Most popular torrents and latest additions to XTVi’s database are also shown. Users can search for specific TV series using the Search feature. Be warned that there are a lot of ads on this site (nothing harmful though).

As mentioned earlier XTVi is a public torrent index. There are no ratio rules and not even a mandatory registration requirement. You can check it out whenever you like.

Site Name: XTVi (http://www.xtvi.com)

Signup URL: http://www.xtvi.com/torrents.php?mode=signup

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We’ve been talking about lots and lots of private torrent trackers as of late but this post is an exception. ‘Classic Nick Shows’ is a private DDL (Direct Download Link) forum for sharing popular Nickelodeon cartoons. It’s a community driven site where individual episodes as well as complete season packs of popular Nick shows can be found. Although the site’s name contains the word ‘Classic’, it’s not only older Nickelodeon shows you can find on this site – download links to both old and new series are available. If you love Nick shows or have a kid who loves em, you might find this site useful.

classic nick shows logo

For the unregistered user, Classic Nick Shows (CNS) will look just like any other forum dedicated purely for the discussion of Nickelodeon Shows. This of course is not what CNS is entirely about. Once you register on the site and log in, a whole new section in the forums opens up – the ‘Downloads’ category. This is where you can find one click hosting (RapidShare, MediaFire, Megaupload, etc) links to Nick toons. Cartoons, live action series, made for TV movies, DVD releases and lots of other goodies are available in the downloads section.

Classic nick toons downloads section

With just over 4200 registered users and an Alexa rank of ~350000, Classic Nick Shows is somewhat of a lesser known forum. However that does not mean it’s dead – links to new shows are posted daily and the forums are pretty active.

As of 21/6/2009, public registrations for Classic Nick Shows is open. If you are interested, you can create a free account and check the site out. It’s a must have for any Nick fan out there.

Site Name: Classic Nick Shows (http://www.classicnickshows.info)

Registration URL: http://www.classicnickshows.info/register.php

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Kaspersky Labs released 2010 versions (v9.0) of their Anti Virus (KAV) and Internet Security (KIS) products just a few days ago. Since I’ve never used KIS, I’d rather not comment about the product here. KAV on the other hand has been watching my back for the past year or so and has done an excellent job at defending my computer against all sorts of malware on and off the net. Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 comes with major new features such as an IM Anti-Virus, a revamped user interface, privacy cleaner and lots of enhancements to existing features. And if you were a pirate who used to activate Kaspersky using .KEY files found on warez sites, you’ll be in for a little shock as well.

kaspersky anti virus 2010 screenshot

I’m not really sure but it seems the developers managed to seriously optimize the memory resident scanner module of KAV (avp.exe). It used to take around 24MB of physical memory with KAV 8.0 (version 2009) and now it takes only around 12MB most of the time ( sometimes the memory consumptions goes as low as 5MB ). Anyways I might be wrong as this claim is not based on any long term observations - I’ve only used this app for around 15 mins by the time this post is being written.

What about pirates?

It is no secret that Kaspersky, being one of the most popular security product in the world, is heavily pirated (after the trial period expires the application continues to function – however new definition updates are not received). There are no cracks or cracked versions of the product itself but pirated serial keys can be found almost anywhere on the net. Hell, there are even automated key finders as well as sites with daily updated keys. Up until now, the primary method pirates used to activate this product is to open the license section of the app, choose ‘activate using the .key file option’ and then point to the pirated key file downloaded from the internet.

Here is a shocker – version 2010 does not have the ‘Activate Using Key File’ option. When you launch the License Manager in KAV 2010, you will either be asked to ‘purchase new license’ or ‘activate new license' – both of which will NOT prompt for a key file. So is this truly the end for ‘key file pirates’? Not really. If you disconnect from the internet, delete the trial license and then try to use the ‘activate trial license’ option again the program will try to connect to internet and fail. Upon failure, it’ll give the good old ‘activate using key file’ option where pirates can use even a KAV 8 key to illegally activate the application.


We’ve provided direct download links below for the TRIAL version of Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 Final build – no E-mail registration is required.

[Click Here] to download Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 version Final from official server

If you are one of our readers from Sri Lanka, you can actually purchase a genuine version of KIS with a one year subscription for as low as LKR 1800 (that’s around $16). You don’t even have to go to the dealer to make the purchase as it’s available in most IT related shops in the country. This way there would be no messing about with blacklisted keys for at least an year :) (Thanks to ‘leyland’ for the info)

Note: Do not post links to key files, key finders or anything of that sort here. This post is purely for informational purposes.

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It’s great news when a private torrent tracker that has only had open signups twice in two years opens it’s doors to the public. It’s even better news when the said tracker is one of the best BitTorrent sites around. Romanian ShareReactor, an excellent general tracker with movies, music, games, E-books, music videos, imagesets, documentaries, TV shows and more, has increased the site’s user limit by 1500 slots and have opened registration for new members. With good pre times, great download speeds and it’s own internal p2p release group, RsR is indeed one of the best General trackers currently in existence.

Romanian ShareReactor

Since the word ‘Romanian’ is in the tracker name itself, one might think that this is a site with releases local to Romania. Well it definitely is not. RsR’s layout is completely in English and so are most of the releases. Apart from a few DVDRs that come with optional Romanian subtitles, torrents indexed are major scene and p2p releases which are in English. The only thing totally ‘Romanian’ about this tracker is probably their forums (which most of you won’t even use anyways).

RsR is not a new tracker by any means. Launched back in 2005, it’s one of the older private BitTorrent sites around. As of 20/6/2009, it has close to 5000 registered members and tracks over 6600 active torrents. The relatively low member count (when compared to other General/0-Day trackers) can probably be explained by the lack of open signups. RsR has had only two open signups in the last two years – one in January 2007 and another in November 2008.

Speaking of the content on RSR, it has everything a General tracker should have and then some more. RsR is home to the well known p2p release group iAPULA – expect to find a lot of their releases on this tracker ranging from individual movies, music to torrent packs. The following screenshot captures some of the packs found on this tracker:

RSR screenshot

RSR profile

RSR has a quite uncommon site layout which is easy to navigate. Torrent pages/search is easily accessible and a small section on the top right corner of the page give you access to all your personal settings and downloading habits on the tracker. As mentioned earlier the interface is completely in English.

Anyways if you were begging for RsR invites on BitTorrent forums – it’s time to close those threads. RSR is currently open for signup and you can get in without an invite code. At the time of this post there is space for over 1400 users. Check it out.

Site Name: Romanian ShareReactor (http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/)

Signup URL: http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/registration.php

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Ghostbusters the video game (2009) was released to the public on the 16th of this month. I’ve only had the chance to play the game for about half and hour and actually it’s been pretty fun so far. At least it does not totally blow like most of the movie based games out there. Although I have not hard any problems with the game so far, quite a few other folks on the interwebz have seemingly run into some. One of the common issues seem to be random, intermittent stuttering or slowdowns even on high end hardware. In addition, some users have reported about insane difficulty levels with almost un-killable enemies.

ghostbuster video game cover

I’ve seen posts on various gaming forums by users with even high end video card such as Geforce GTX 260 reporting about slow gameplay performance, sudden framerate drops and stuttering. Well I have not been able to pinpoint an specific cause for this but here is possible solution. Most such slowdowns seem to be occurring in Windows XP – if you have a Windows 7 installation try running the game from there. Users have reported smooth gameplay performance in Windows 7 while they had FPS drops in Windows XP. 

Something else you can try is to disable the FPS lock. By default, the maximum refresh rate of the game is set to 60FPS. This can sometimes cause issues – if you are having trouble with low FPS even on relatively high end hardware (8800, GeForce GTX, etc), try disabling the FPS lock from in game options menu. Also, if you are using am NVIDIA display adapter, try disabling PhysX from the NVIDIA control panel.

Another one of the most common issues with the game seem to be un-killable or god like enemies. Some have reported about the game’s enemies being insanely hard to kill. If you are facing this issue then you are most likely using a pirated or cracked copy of Ghostbusters. Well this game is published by ATARI and you can trust them to include a crazy ass protection to fuc* up pirates for good (remember Alone In The Dark? ). Currently there are two cracked versions of the game floating around – one by scene group RELOADED and the other by ViTALiTY. RELOADED’s release is a Steam rip with a cracked exe with steam protection removed – the Steam version did not have SecuROM in the first place. ViTALiTY’s release on the other hand is a retail ISO which is protected by SecuROM DRM. Their NFO claims:

RELOADED took a SecuROM free executable from Steam and used it for crack. Their executable has a different build of gamecode and is not fully compatible with the retailiso release. We cracked the SecuROM protection from the retail disk version. We won fair and squire like RAZOR1911 did on The Sims 3. Try not to be a bad loser this time RELOADED.

Although ViTALiTY claims to have cracked SecuROM, they probably failed to remove at least one trigger. When this trigger is activated, the enemies become un-killable and gameplay experience becomes a nightmare for pirates.

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