We previously reported how the popular life simulation game Sims 3 leaked online two weeks before its official release. Unfortunately for EA, the leaks apparently did not stop there - premium items available for purchase via the Sims Store have now leaked online as well. This includes Riverview, the second town that is not available unless you register online at the Sims store as well as several other premium content packs that need to be purchased separately.

Apart from Riverview town, some of the content that have allegedly leaked online include various clothing, hairstyles, storybooks, cars available only in pre order editions, etc. Various online forums such as NFOhump and ‘More Awesome Than You’ are abuzz with this news. I’ve seen fans of Sims 3 competing against each other to post download links for premium content packs they found online. One user even claims to have uploaded as much as 40 such packs to an online file hosting service.

Anyways I don’t think the leaks would affect EA significantly. Whatever’s leaked online, a lot of legit users and Sims 3 ‘addicts’ are still going to purchase additional content via the Sims Store, ensuring continuous cash flow for EA even after the game is sold.

Note: Do not ask for or post direct download links to leaked content here.


  1. Mooe // 6/06/2009 10:06:00 PM  
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  2. Mooe // 6/06/2009 10:09:00 PM  

    It's just crazy how much EA is milking their consumers. I mean, 1 dollar for one freaking sofa? A member from a forum that I regurlarly visit counted up all the items and their cost and estimated a value of about $420 if you buy everything. Pretty crazy.