As always, it was definitely a mistake on the part of Swedish anti piracy agencies to threaten Sweden based torrent sites with legal action immediately after the court trial of Pirate Bay. Although this initially triggered a mass shutdown, Sweden’s BitTorrent scene seems to be returning with more power with trackers that closed down coming back online, new trackers being launched and existing trackers opening signup for new members. Newest Swedish tracker to open signups to the public is Swepirates – a General/0Day tracker that’s been around since 2006.


Swepirates tracks general content which includes movies, music, games and software. Something I’ve noticed on this site that is has a lot of untouched DVDR releases (nearly one third of all torrents). These DVDRs are usually ones released for Nordic regions but spoken language is English with optional Swedish subtitles (always check torrent description when in doubt). Swepirates however lacks exclusive content – there are almost no packs or unique torrents to speak of apart from a few Swedish releases (even those scene releases). Most of the indexed torrents are very well seeded.

swepirates screenshot 

Currently there are close to 500 active torrents (added since February 2009) and over 4700 registered users on Swepirates. Open registrations will continue till they reach 5000 users (that’s around 250 free spots remaining).

Site Name: Swepirates (

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