I guess a collective tracker update was long overdue. This post summarize information about 15 private torrent trackers that are currently open to the public. There are lots of new sites in this list - consider this article as a revisit to some of the trackers featured on FILEnetworks Blog in the past two months. BitTorrents sites specializing in HD content, scene releases, DVDR releases, classic movies, music, games, sports and more are included. If you somehow missed signup for these trackers the first time around, here is a second chance. You can also see how some of the brand new sites we featured just days after their launch have progressed thus far.

Most readers tend to signup for a tracker the moment they see the signup link. But we highly recommend you read the full tracker review (link to which will be provided below each tracker’s description) and only join the sites that would actually be of use for you.

Site Name: HDME (http://hdme.eu)
Signup URL: http://hdme.eu/signup.php
Stats: ~7500 members and 675+ torrents
Description: New HD tracker that has risen to popularity in a quick span of time. Nice interface and content.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Scenelive (http://www.scenelive.org)
Signup URL: http://www.scenelive.org/live/signup.php
Stats: 3600+ users and 1100+ torrents
Description: SceneLive is a general/0day tracker which was initially ratio free. Due to excessive hit and runs, a ratio system has now been introduced.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: AvistaZ (http://bt.avistaz.com)
Signup URL: http://bt.avistaz.com/account.php
Stats: 8200+ torrents and 82400 users
Description: One of the best sites around for Asian movies. Huge user base and torrents index. Seems to have gone through a massive cleanup lately (used to have around 122k users and seems like around 40k of them got deleted for inactivity)
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: T3nnis.tv (http://t3nnis.tv)
Signup URL: http://t3nnis.tv/signup.php
Stats: 18200+ members and 2950+ torrents
Description: Has recorded impressive growth for a niche tracker. One of the best resources on the net for Tennis related multimedia content.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: DVDRSOURCE (http://www.dvdrsource.org)
Signup URL: http://www.dvdrsource.org/svartasignup.php
Description: Simply one of the fastest growing full DVDR trackers that could one day replace the now defunct SWEDVDR. Signups open for members of recently shut down SvartaKatten but that doesn’t mean others can’t join.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

I Love Classics
i love classics 
Site Name: I Love Classics (http://www.iloveclassics.com)
Signup URL: http://www.iloveclassics.com/signup.php
Stats: ~1000 users and 1780+ torrents
Description: As the name suggests, ILC is a tracker for older, classic movies. Has added close to 2k torrents in a short span of time.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Ace-HD (http://www.ace-hd.net)
Signup URL: http://www.ace-hd.net/signup.php
Stats: 4200+ members and 600+ torrents
Description: Ace-HD is a new HD tracker that has shown a lot of promise. Tracks both TV shows and movies in High Def formats.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Romanian ShareReactor
Site Name: Romanian ShareReactor (http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/)
Signup URL: http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/registration.php
Description: One of the best General/0Day trackers to open registrations lately, RsR is a well established site which is over 4 years old. There are only around 200 spots left so hurry.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Games BitShock
games bitshock 
Site Name: Games BitShock (http://games.bitshock.org)
Signup URL: http://games.bitshock.org/signup.php
Stats: 3500+ users and 360 torrents
Description: New games tracker from the same crew behind popular general tracker BitShock.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

The Place
the place 
Site Name: The Place (http://www.theplace.bz
Signup URL: http://theplace.bz/signup.php
Stats: 6000+ users and 13000+ torrents
Description: The Place is a tracker that specializes in lifestyle content including Food, Drinking, Dancing, Health, Fitness, Seduction, NLP and Cooking to Magic Illusions.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here] – Includes reviews of The Vault, The Occult and The Box as well, some of which are also open for signup.

Site Name: PTFiles (http://ptfiles.net/)
Signup URL: http://ptfiles.net/register.php
Stats: 4250+ users and 2250+ torrents
Description: PTFiles is a pretty cool General/0-Day tracker with a nice set of features/add-ons and a good community.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Emuparadise (http://bt.emuparadise.org:6969/index.php)
Signup URL: http://bt.emuparadise.org:6969/index.php?page=signup
Stats: 16650+ users and 1200+ torrents
Description: Emuparadise is BitTorrent tracker for everything related to console emulation. Lots of Emulators, ROMS, etc can be found here. 
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Site Name: Make Great Music (http://www.makegreatmusic.net)
Signup URL: http://www.makegreatmusic.net/signup.php
Stats: 4500+ users and ~2250 torrents
Description: MakeGreatMusic is a great tracker to have if you want to learn music. It’s also one of the best trackers around for fiction and non fiction audiobooks.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

The Scene
Site Name: The Scene (http://thescene.ro/)
Signup URL: ttp://thescene.ro/signup.php
Stats: ~1350 torrents
Description: TheScene is a ratio free music torrent tracker
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here] 

total sports 
Site Name: Total-Sports (http://total-sports.tv)
Signup URL: http://total-sports.tv/signup.php
Stats: 2150+ users and ~80 torrents
Description: Total-Sports is a new sports tracker which has quickly added over 2k members. Wide variety of sports events are coveered.
Full review + Screenshots: [Click Here]

Note: All statistics of torrent sites are as of 28/6/2009.


  1. zoomby // 6/29/2009 10:54:00 AM  

    I m not sure but makegreatmusic.net seems to have problem with signup.

    I filled up whole form (pass mail bla bla bla) and ASA I press signup button it just freezes.

  2. Anonymous // 6/29/2009 03:01:00 PM  

    Romanian ShareReactor = invite only!

  3. rikt // 6/29/2009 09:16:00 PM  

    damn still missed scene-base.net

  4. Joe // 7/02/2009 07:11:00 AM  

    Thanks a lot...grabbed a few of them that are really going to be helpful to me now and later.