QuickTime is one of the most used video formats in modern day. As you probably already know, the official player for QuickTime files is ‘Apple QuickTime Player’. Personally, I do not like QuickTimer Player at all – it takes a hell of a time to load, adds startup entries, rapes the registry and consumes a lot of system resources. How cool would it be if you could play QuickTime files in your favorite media player, such as in Media Player Classic? With ‘QuickTime Alternative’, this (and more) is possible. If you consider Apple’s Quicktime Player a piece of bloatware, you might find this post useful.

Quicktime Alternative Screenshot

QuickTime Alternative is basically a free codec package that allows decoding of QuickTime formats. It even includes a browser plugin and the ability to play special QuickTime formats as well. On a side note, here is an interesting user comment I came across on FileForum about this codec pack:

God's Gift to those who require Apple codecs but refuse to pollute their machines with Apple filth.

Anyways here is a list of features and supported formats for QuickTime Alternative:

Some advantages compared to QuickTime player :

  • Quick and easy install
  • It's easy to make an unattended installation
  • No background processes
  • Use a player of your own choice
  • Low on resources
  • Smaller size

Features of QuickTime Alternative 2.9.0 :

  • -Media Player Classic [version rev 100]: this is a full-featured player which has internal decoding support for DVD, MPEG-2, MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3 and DTS. It also has internal support for opening Matroska and Ogg containers. Media Player Classic is also capable of playing QuickTime and RealMedia content if those codecs are installed.
  • QuickTime Codecs [version]: required for playing QuickTime content.
  • QuickTime DirectShow filter: allows you to play QuickTime content in all DirectShow enabled players. Without this filter QuickTime content can only be played in Media Player Classic.
  • QuickTime plugin for Internet Explorer: allows you to view QuickTime content that is embedded in a webpage. It is installed together with the QuickTime codecs.
  • QuickTime plugin for Opera/Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape/Google Chrome: allows you to view QuickTime content that is embedded in a webpage.
  • Extra plugins for QuickTime: plugins for viewing some special formats that are sometimes used on webpages.
  • CoreAVC: is an external filter for Media Player classic
  • CoreAAC: is an AAC DirectShow filter decoder based on FAAD2.

There is also a Lite version of the codecc pack which does not come with Media Player Classic.


[Click Here] to download latest version of QuickTime Alternative from Free-Codecs


  1. tommarques // 6/15/2009 09:51:00 AM  
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  2. tommarques // 6/15/2009 09:53:00 AM  

    I much prefer to use VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/). Plays any video format and almost audio files, vob files, iso and even has a plugin to play videos compacted on zip and rar! And can stream direct http videos as well and...is completely free and open source! :D

  3. Reinis I. // 6/15/2009 05:52:00 PM  

    Isn't CoreAVC commercial, meaning you can't get it for free?