We’ve already talked about A-Patch on this blog and here is yet another utility to disable and remove advertisements in Microsoft’s popular IM client, Windows Live Messenger. WLM Universal Patcher does not have a whole lot of customization options but it has a few that matters the most such as ability to disable banner ads, ability to hide tabs, ad bar, MSN search component and of course multiple login support (aka polygamy). There have been multiple versions of this software released on the net but the latest available build at time of this post seems to be v.1.2.0.

WLM Universal PAtcher

There isn't much to talk about this app because everything WLM Universal Patcher does is self explanatory. It is of course a free piece of software which you can download in less than a minute in most cases (only 156kb in file size). Note that WLM Universal Patcher will require an unmodified installation of Windows Live Messenger. If you have applied any other patches that modified WLM exe, you might need to reinstall the software before running universal patcher.


[Click Here] to download WLM Universal Patcher 1.2.0 from Softpedia