Buzzwords on the internet these days are Google’s Wave and Microsoft’s Bing. However this post is about neither - we are going to talk about a somewhat lesser known but really cool web application; or Ghost (Global Hosted Operating System). is basically a virtual computer which comes complete with an operating system, a desktop, file storage and even applications. Unlike traditional operating systems, does not reside on a single PC – it resides on the internet, accessible to the user via any computer with internet access or even a compatible mobile phone. screenshot

As you can see from the above screenshot, Ghost’s interface is similar to that of Windows Vista. It has a start menu, a desktop with icons, a control panel, an E-mail client, RSS readers, games, multimedia players and tons of other features. There are links to several dozen web applications such as Google Docs, Zoho apps suite, Meebo and ThinkFree. The service offers gigabytes of online storage (you get additional GBs when you invite friends to the service) and even file sharing.

If you are a person who’s on the go, this web application can be immensely useful. Imagine that you are accessing the web from an internet cafe or a public computer at work - with Ghost, all your files, applications, settings, bookmarks, RSS, E-mail, etc will be available to you at the click of a button. Given below are some of the major features of this free service:

  • Access your desktop, files, apps and settings from any Internet browser
  • Desktop and apps run without the need for installation or updating
  • Customize your desktop and choose from 20+ available languages
  • Share or publish your files directly from the®® has chosen the very best available storage service for your precious data - Amazon Web Services
  • Read, write and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using® integrations with Zoho, directly from your® Storage
  • Edit Google Docs, sheets and presentations stored at Google from within®
  • 15GB professionally hosted and backed-up disk space
  • Many file types can be viewed or edited online with a simple double-click
  • Upload and sync your documents, photos and music easily using the® Upload Download Utility, Sync program or FTP
  • Manage your e-mails, calendar and contacts with the Web's leading collaboratoin suite
  • You will receive a yourGhostID email and can retrieve other emails as well (using "POP3")
  • Manage smart shortcuts called Tagged Things to Web resources - webmarks (URLs), files, photos, videos, music, products
  • Single sign-on to other services such as Google Docs using My Logins
  • The® Virtual File System shows you® Drive files, Google Docs files and other Web files all in one place
  • Yes® runs within the browser but also contains a browser of it's own! Whichever computer you are on, the® Browser will have your history, your webmarks, and your "cookies" so that other sites will recognize you

How to sign up and access the service

[Click Here] to access to homepage. You can either sign up for a free account using the ‘Sign up’ button or instantly check out the service using the ‘Guest account’ option.


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