There’s quite a lot of buzz on the web about VideoBay, the latest project launched by the crew behind world’s largest BitTorrent tracker. This post however is not about VideoBay but about another lesser known service launched by TPB crew; Slopsbox. Apparently TPB are not only capable of giving the finger to anti piracy groups but also of fighting E-mail spam too. Slopsbox is a free E-mail service which has some unique characteristics. Slopsbox addresses are disposable – you can instantly create one, use it and then forget all about it without having to worry about getting spammed.


How you can use Slopsbox is  explained in detail on the service’s homepage. Part of the description is quoted below:

When someone asks for your e-mail address, give them (or one of the other add-on domain names). You can replace "anything" with, well anything, i.e., or Get the mail sent to the address you picked by entering the address in the field above and login.

Voila! There you have your spam, served cold. However, you can't get any attachments and mail is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

I’ve found Slopsbox pretty useful when signing up for unknown/random sites which require E-mail confirmation. Just provide an @slopsbox address, get the confirmation mail and forget about it. You wouldn't have to worry even if the site is used for E-mail account harvesting by spamming whackjobs.

However keep in mind that you won’t be able to (and you shouldn’t) use @slopbox addresses permanently. And be aware that anyone who knows the first part of the address will also be able to check the inbox as there is no password requirement.

[Click Here] to visit Slopsbox homepage


  1. Allam // 6/30/2009 03:53:00 AM  

    its the same as which was more useful, since it gave us isp emails cuz there are so needed to create a undernet username