Something we’ve learned from our recent posts about private trackers is that you can never have enough HD trackers. No matter how many specialized HD sites we post about, such articles always seem to get a lot of hits than others. Guess we have a lot of High-Def fans among us. Anyway this article is about another new and promising HD tracker – Ace-HD. Ace-HD is the sister site of popular General/0Day torrent tracker AceTorrents (Signups Open). Movies, TV shows and even documentaries in high definition formats can be found on this site.

Ace-HD tracker

Launched on the 5th of June, Ace-HD is only a few days old. The following welcome message is posted on the site:

Welcome to Ace-HD, a brand new torrent site, dedicated to high definition downloads.
Our uploaders so far have kindly provided a starting base of around 100 torrents, but we are currently looking for new uploaders that can provide both scene and non scene high definition content. If you think this is you and you have a high speed connection in which you can seed from, please contact a member of staff. Unfortunately we are only accepting applications from people who have 5Mbit upload speed minimum as most content is fairly large and we want to offer the best speeds possible.
We hope you enjoy the site and feel free to use our forums - you can also provide us with some feedback via the forums.
Last but not least, please let your friends know about us and help our site grow into one of the best HD sites out there .
Site is Freeleech

In fact there are now over 200 HD torrents indexed on Ace-HD. Membership count has also surpassed 450 members. These are pretty good statistics for a one week old private tracker (no doubt they had a lot of help from the big brother AceTorrents).

Speaking about the content on Ace-HD, there are movies, TV shows, music videos, documentaries and even adult content online - both scene and non scene releases. All of these are in high definition formats (720p and 1080p - x264 encodes mostly). There are individual torrents as well as several exclusive packs. Separate categories for both movie and TV packs possibly means that we could expect a lot of unique torrent collections from Ace-HD in the near future.

ace-hd torrents

As you can probably see from the above screenshot, Ace-HD’s interface is pretty decent. Category icons are beautiful, the layout is clean and very much navigable and of course, there are about 7 color schemes to choose from.

Registrations for Ace-HD is currently open. All new members get 5GB free upload credit and don’t forget that the entire site is on free leech right now.

Site Name: Ace-HD (
Signup URL:

  • BDRips
  • Bluray
  • Docu
  • Miscellaneous
  • Music-Vids
  • TV-720p
  • TV-1080p
  • TV-Packs
  • x264-720p
  • x264-1080p
  • x264-packs

Also, don’t forget that Ace-HD’s sister site AceTorrents is also open for signup as of now:

Site Name: Ace Torrents (
Signup URL:
Stats: 20100+ users and 6700+ torrents


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    Open regularly once inactive accounts get pruned.

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