Although we’ve been having a Twitter account for nearly an year, it lay in an ‘abandoned’ state for the most part . What we mean by abandoned is that there was no human involvement in managing that account – it’s been Tweeting about new articles posted on FILEnetworks Blog which was entirely an automated task. However, with a huge following and a host of services based around it, Twitter has become too valuable of a service to ignore anymore. So we plan to become more involved in updating our Twitter account.

filenetworks twitter

Although not much publicity was given to it, we’ve already got a couple hundred Twitter followers which is great. Anyways if you want to get notified about BitTorrent news, private tracker updates/downtime notices, leaks, downloads, games, software and more, follow @filenetworks on Twitter! You can also send us feedback and use this as a means to contact us directly.

You can of course help us spread the word by retweeting our stories if you think they are worth a read!