SoftMP3 was probably the best BitTorrent tracker for scene released MP3 music at the time of its demise. Unfortunately the Sweden hosted site had to shut down due to legal threats received following TPB’s defeat in court. For those who are looking for a SoftMP3 alternative and for those looking forward to get into a decent scene MP3 music tracker, here is a glimmer of hope. SceneSound is a brand new MP3 torrent site that went online two days ago. This tracker is built around the recently made public source code of SoftMP3 - everything from the logo to the site interface resembles the look and feel of the popular music tracker.


Although it’s been only two days since this tracker has gone online, it’s already got a good number of users on board. As of 2/6/2009 there are  over 675 members. Torrents are being added at an amazing speed as well – currently there are over 700 music albums (150+ new ones and around 550 more in the archive section) tracked by SceneSound’a BitTorrent tracker.

As for the nature of the content and the site layout, there is nothing much to talk about – it’s all SoftMP3. Most familiar features such as the archive section, lossless music section, customizable start page, easy to read FAQ and rules presentation, toplists and requests have all returned.

scenesound start page

Like most newly launched private BitTorrent trackers, SceneSound is open for public signup. A user limit is not mentioned on the site but if the current trend of mass registrations continue, they might shut the doors pretty quickly.

Site Name: SceneSound (

Signup URL:

Categories: Acoustic, Alternative, Ambient, Audio Book, Blues, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, Dancehall, Drum 'n' Bass, Electronic, Emo, Folk, Funk, Hardcore Electronic, Hardcore Punk, Rap/Hip-hop, Industrial, House, Indie, Instrumental, Jazz, Kids, Latin, Lo-Fi, Metal, Musicvideo, OST, Oldies, Other, Pop, Psychedelic, Punk, Punk Rock, R'n'B, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soul, Techno, Trance, Hardstyle, MDVDR

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  1. Violated // 6/02/2009 11:10:00 PM  

    Thanks. Loving this tracker already.

  2. Game Trainer // 6/02/2009 11:45:00 PM  

    Looks like a good tracker. It seems to be getting a lot of publicity after you guys posted this.

  3. Allam // 6/03/2009 01:43:00 AM  

    what a dumb tracker staff
    they took the free code of softmp3 but when i signup we get redirected to softmp3 page, which they forgot to change i suppose

  4. iamse7en // 6/03/2009 01:45:00 AM  

    Just getting 404 error when I hit sign up - at


  5. Kenneth // 6/03/2009 02:39:00 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. Kenneth // 6/03/2009 02:55:00 AM  

    Are signups closed or what???

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 6/03/2009 03:04:00 AM  

    There seems to be a problem with signup form. Give it some time (unless they've closed which i dont think so)

  8. konohamaru // 6/03/2009 03:32:00 AM  

    Thanks, I've signup 4 hours ago and it was:
    Registrerade användare 1,136

    And now it is:
    Registrerade användare 1,139

    Just 3 members could get in on this time, it's probably a problem with signup form.

  9. r // 6/03/2009 07:30:00 AM  

    god damn! i was a long time member on softmp3.

    and now the sign up troubles...

  10. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 6/03/2009 02:33:00 PM  

    Sats as of now:
    Registered users 1,139
    Torrents 830

    At the time we posted the article user count was somewhere around 600. So at least a few hundred readers got in.

    Now signups seem to have closed.

  11. derek // 6/03/2009 06:59:00 PM  

    there is a problem signin up

    I was directed to a page which said


    sorry pal :)"

    think signups have closed !

  12. konohamaru // 6/04/2009 12:14:00 PM  

    At this moment it's

    Registrerade användare 1,141

  13. Kenneth // 6/04/2009 09:30:00 PM  

    Signups are closed. Anyone got an invite for me?

  14. akrazia // 6/09/2009 06:29:00 AM  

    No invites yet. And they just banned the following countries:

    South Africa
    Russian federation
    New Zealand

    just to let you know.