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Yeah I know all of you might probably have it already but an updated version of the popular XViD codec was released just about a week ago. XViD 1.2.2 is a bugfix release which contains several security related fixes and is the first update to the codec after about 6 months. Also, if you are looking to download just the XViD codec separately (not an entire codec pack), use the download links towards the end of this article. XViD 1.2.2 consists of the Xvid DirectShow decoding filter and the Xvid VFW Codec. For those who don’t know what this codec does, it allows you to play movies and TV shows (or any other video file for that matter) encoded in Xvid – a popular format for stuff released on BitTorrent.

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What’s new in XViD v1.2.2

xvidcore library 

  • Workaround for nasm bug with Mach-O/OSX target
  • Fix for missing resync marker range check (reported by IBM X-Force. Thanks go to John McDonald and Christopher Valasek)
  • Improved precision for RGB<->YUV conversions
  • Fix for potential RGB24 access violation
  • Updated compiler options for Apple PPC target
  • Fixed MSVC6 projects to work for path names with spaces

VFW frontend

  • Updated mingw makefile

DShow frontend

  • Bugfix for wrong handling of xvidcore XVID_ERR_MEMORY return code

Download & how to install

[Click Here] to download XViD 1.2.2 from official server – Direct download

Note: The official download link above container only the source code. If you are looking for the one click installer version, use one of the links below:

[Click Here] to download XViD 1.2.2 with installer (32-bit)

[Click Here] to download XViD 1.2.2 with installer (64-bit)


  1. Anonymous // 6/07/2009 08:16:00 AM  

    I have no idea what to do with that once I've downloaded it.

  2. TEAM FILEnetworks // 6/07/2009 08:45:00 AM  

    Oh sorry. The official download contains only the source code (no installer). Here is the link with installer: