There are thousands of private BitTorrent trackers out there but specialized software trackers are really scarce. We covered some such sites in a previous article but Appz Bitshock deserves a separate review – the site has improved a great deal since we last mentioned it and it’s without a doubt one of the best software trackers around. One of the major new features over at Appz BitShock is their shiny new autouploader. The ongoing test run has been a massive success with close to 2000 torrents being uploaded by the bot in only about a week. For those interested in joining, we have an exclusive free signup key that’ll give you extra upload credit and invites upon signup.

Appz BitShock

Appz BitShock (ABsk) launched back in June 2008, as part of the BitShock tracker family. With the backing of it’s bigger and more popular sister site, ABsk quickly established a strong foothold among specialized software trackers. After around 1.5 years since launch, Appz Bitshock currently tracks over 7100 torrents and has an active user base of close to 7250 members. These are quite impressive stats, especially considering the fact that they lost around 6000 torrents in a HDD failure several months ago.

ABsk is currently testing an autouploader script which is sure to improve pre times and increase the number of daily torrents added to the tracker. As we said above more than 1800 torrents have already been uploaded by the script within a very short period of time. To identify releases uploaded by the bot, sort the torrents by ‘Auto Upload’ in the type field (or search for this category). Appz BitShock currently tracks both Windows and Mac software as well as tutorials & E-books for various applications.

Appz BitShock Index

In addition to the autouploader, ABsk recently launched their own IRC channel on popular server You’ll get 15MB upload credit every 15 mins if you idle on the channel. Channel may be accessed using irc:// If you run into any problems with the site, support channel may be reached at irc://

Appz BitShock is regularly open for signup. However the good folks in their staff team have agreed to provide an exclusive signup key for FILEnetworks Blog readers which has some extra features not available for regular users. Everyone who signs up using this key will get  8GB free upload credit as well as 10 free invites the moment you confirm your registration. Signup URL will be valid for 500+ days and it is able to facilitate 50000+ new signups. If you are looking for a decent software tracker, go check ABsk out.

Site Name: Appz BitShock (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to CristianoR and the rest of ABsk staff.

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Finally, we’ve managed to post the latest issue of TGSC without a massive delay. Issue #37 of Game Scene Charts was pre’d on the 27th Of December and this issue covers game ISO/DOX scene group rankings for the month of November 2009. For those of you who are unfamiliar with TGSC, it’s coded magazine that rates and ranks release groups from the warez scene. Rankings are primarily based on the number of cracked PC game releases made available by a group, in a given month. TGSC comes with its own rendering engine and does not require any additional software to run – just click on the executable and start reading.


Note that TGSC is a magazine created by sceners for sceners. As you may already know, scene members are not very fond of P2P. This month’s TGSC editorial again reflects this ‘un-friendliness’.

It really hurts my heart that there are topsites out there that are connected to torrents and other public filesharing services. Torrent sites that have or still earning a large pile of money on the releases from the scene. It hurts so badly that high profile sceners can be that stupid. Earning money on adverts and donations, with scene releases as the ground foundation of interest is just plain stupid.

Anyways back to the group rankings. For the release month November 2009, group SKIDROW tops the charts. RELOADED holds the second position while 0x0007 has come 3rd (0x0007 is a division of RELOADED which focuses on German releases). For full rankings and other articles, you can download and read the magazine from the link below.


[Click Here] to download Game Scene Charts Issue 37 from MediaFire

Please let us know of any broken links through the comments section of this article.

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When it comes to private torrent trackers that specialize in XBOX and XBOX 360 games, XBOX-SKY is probably the most popular. Although this site has been mentioned on FILEnetworks before, we never got around to posting a full tracker review so here goes. Without a doubt XBOX-SKY indexes one of the largest collections of XBOX/X360 games torrents on the planet. In addition to the BitTorrent tracker, the site has a very active forum with over 40k members, making this an ideal community for XBOX console owners. It is also worth mentioning that XBOX-SKY indexes a small number of HD-WMV (Windows Media High Definition Video) movies apart from games torrents.

XBOX-SKY Tracker

That being said – this is by no means turning into a movie tracker. Main focus remains on XBOX games and when it comes to those, this tracker pretty much kicks ass. XBOX-SKY has almost everything imaginable related to Microsoft’s famed gaming console ranging from full games torrents, DLC (Downloadable Content) packs, game demos, game extras (such as map packs, etc), applications (over 100 of them), hacks, tools and even indie games released on XBOX Live.

Let’s of course not forget about HD-WMV movies. You might wonder what prompted a games tracker such as XBOX-SKY to index movies. It’s simple – new generation gaming consoles such as PS3 and XBOX360 can play videos encoded in HD WMV. Currently there aren’t many movies indexed but this can change in the future.

XBOX-SKY Screenshot

XBOX-SKY runs on a custom tracker script which you don’t often see on other BitTorrent trackers. It’s design is simplistic and some functions such as sorting by seeds, date added, etc are dazzling fast. It doesn't have separate torrent description pages but the release NFO automatically loads in a floating menu when you hover mouse pointer over a torrent title.

Signups for XBOX-SKY are currently open. These usually last only for brief periods of time so get in while you can ( if you find the registrations to be closed by the time you read this, check back later. It’s been constantly opening and closing in the past few days.)

Site Name: XBOX-SKY (

Signup URL:

Forum URL:

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If you are a fan of bitGAMER (BG), this is pretty big news. After running on a customized TBDEV codebase for years since its inception, this well known games torrent tracker is finally moving to Gazelle (which is a BitTorrent tracker script pioneered by The move has not officially started yet and there is no specific completion date set as of now, but screenshots made available through a news post on bitGAMER suggest it’s going to happen pretty soon. New version of the tracker will be called bitGAMER 2.0 and once the migration is complete, BG would become the first major games torrent tracker to run on Gazelle codebase (well, there was JuicyBitz but that’s didn’t last long). If you haven’t heard of it, BG is a large PC and Console games torrent tracker with over 20000 active members.

bitGAMER Logo

Quoted below is the full news post quoted from BitGAMER’s home page, along with screenshots of upcoming Gazelle implementation:

We're moving to Gazelle!!

For those of you who don't know, bitGAMER is currently run on a (very heavily) edited version of TorrentBits' original TBDev codebase. At the time of bitGAMER's start, this was essentially the only serious choice for a site, so genius coders hunkered down and built a stable, if inefficient site. However, since then, the fine folk at have created a new codebase for torrent sites, codenamed "Gazelle". As well as being as fast as a gazelle, it's also lightweight, efficient, standards-following and graphically customizable. For the last four months or so, our crack team of coders has been hard at work converting the base music-site source into the next step in bitGAMER's evolution, bitGAMER 2.0.

At the moment, the site is mostly coded, but a lot more bugtesting is needed in order to get it to the level of stability and practicality we desire. For this, we're going to need some help, so active members of the community will be hand-picked over the next few days to move their accounts over and help to test out all the new features added to Gazelle. Once this initial testing is completed and the site is running smoothly, we'll move a larger selection of users over for some more in-depth testing. Sometime after this, the entire site will be migrated over to the new codebase!

As well as a sleek new orange theme (designed by the very talented Mugi), Gazelle is known for being incredibly customisable. Anybody on What.CD?, PassThePopcorn, SaveTheCoratee or any other Gazelle site should be familiar with the different stylesheets available to most users, as well as the external sheet option, so any design converting you feel like doing to the site will be easy! We'll be having a competition once the site gets some more bugs ironed out to see who can make the best CSS for the new site. The winner will get their CSS immortalized in the site, as well as a new type of prize that we can't discuss yet...

This has been a labor of love for many months by the entire staff, and we're pleased to present to you a sneak peek of all of our hard work. Click here to view it. The amount of work put in has been quite extraordinary, and we're definitely interested to hear your feedback, so come and discuss the impending move and what it means in the forum.

We hope you're as happy as we are with the changes!
// bG Staff

Part of the Gazelle interface can be seen in the screenshot below:

BitGAMER Gazelle

For the full screenshot, please click here.

Unlike most sites we post here, bitGAMER is currently not open for signups. Right now, one way you can get into bitGAMER is through an invite from an existing member (with a recently tightened invites policy, finding an invite from an existing member may be harder than it used to be – and this is not the place to request them). However BG happens to have an official invites IRC channel – if you don’t break any channel rules, have patience and do as the channel topic says, obtaining an invite will be easier:

Channel: #bginvites
Direct Link: irc://
New to IRC?: Read this post.

We do not know if BG will open registrations anytime soon but stay tuned as they’ve done it several times in the past. Keep reading FILEnetworks as we’ll definitely update if there’s any news in our private trackers section.

Currently its not known if Underground-Gamer (UG - sister site of bitGAMER which focuses more on retro games) will be migrating to Gazelle. It just so happens that UG too has an official invites channel (plus they have very frequent open signups). If anyone’s interested:

Channel: invites
Direct Link: irc://
New to IRC?: Read this post.

Anyways if you are already a member of bitGAMER, just know that good things are coming your way :)

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Special thanks to ‘baba’ for the heads up.

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I’m sure everyone has heard about Windows Live SkyDrive by now. If you haven’t, it’s is a cloud based online file storage solution from Microsoft which offers 25GB free space. With this useful web service, you can store your files online and access them from anywhere (or share them with others). You usually need to login to your online storage with the use of a web browser, through Windows Live portal. However SkyDrive Explorer is a Windows application that adds SkyDrive integration to My Computer. Once you install the program, your SkyDrive online storage will appear on My Computer as a new disk drive and you’ll be able to manage file operations right from your Windows desktop, with no web browser involvement at all.

SkyDrive Explorer

SkyDrive explorer allows you to perform all major Windows Explorer functions such as copy, rename, create new, delete, drag and drop features, etc on files and folders stored online. When you click on the SkyDrive Explorer icon on My Computer, you’ll be prompted with a Windows Live login dialog. Use the appropriate credentials to log in and you’ll be able to browse your SkyDrive just like you browse any other folder/drive in Windows (keep in mind that navigation will be slower). For a full list of features see this page. For screenshots of the service look here.


SkyDrive Explorer is free software. It’s lightweight and is only around 1.3MB in file size.

[Click here] to download SkyDrive Explorer from official page.

[Click Here] to signup for a free Windows Live account (if you haven’t already got one that is – any existing Hotmail/Windows Live Messenger/Passport account comes with SkyDrive enabled)

Errors and Troubleshooting

The first time you use this software you might run into the following problem – you can log in and view the folders just fine but can’t do anything else (some actions will simply do nothing while others may give error messages). This may be because you have not agreed to the renewed SkyDrive license agreement from Microsoft. To resolve this issue do the following:

  1. Login to your SkyDrive account via Web Interface from here.
  2. Click on an existing folder. If you need to renew you license agreement, you’ll be prompted now. Accept it and proceed.
  3. Log out of your SkyDrive account. Also log out of the service from SkyDrive Explorer (if it doesn’t work, reboot your PC). 
  4. You will now be able to use the service from My Computer.

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Some of our readers may remember Wunza - a private tracker we featured on this blog about an year back. Wunza was one of the very first torrent sites to be based on Gazelle codebase and was off to a good start as a specialized movie tracker. However, things didn’t go so well and the site went offline about three months ago. This downtime seemed permanent but good news is that Wunza has returned from the grave. The site (which is run by a new owner) is now back online with open registrations. That’s not all – new ownership seems to be making much needed changes to the tracker including UI enhancements that look pretty cool.


While it’s good that Wunza returned after a prolonged downtime, their torrent and user databases seem to have got reset in the process – the site is basically starting over from scratch. As a result, at the time this post is being written Wunza doesn’t track that many torrents. Site statistics as of 27/12/2009 list around 60 torrent files and close to 400 registered members.

Even after the return, Wunza continues to be a specialized movie tracker. It indexes movies encoded in multiple formats including XViD, x264 as well as untouched DVDR and Blu-Ray. Both scene and p2p releases are indexed. Right now all the uploaded torrents are on free leech and we hear from staff that it may remain this way forever (if that happens, Wunza could almost become a ratio free tracker).

A notable change in the resurrected site is their new torrent browse page. It certainly looks beautiful but there’s also the risk of alienating users who are used to the traditional browse page (perhaps another theme that retains the classic layout may solve this issue).

Wunza Interface

Anyways looks alone wouldn’t make Wunza a successful BitTorrent site. There are already quite a few specialized movie trackers out there like PTP, Tehconnection, 700MBz, CN, etc which are doing quite well. The start has been promising but only time will tell if Wunza could survive in the long run amidst intense competition from larger sites.

In the meantime, signups for this tracker are currently open. You get 5 invites upon signup and if you use the invites to get other members into the tracker, you’ll get gigabytes of free upload credit.

Site Name: Wunza (

Signup URL:

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Given the nature of this blog’s content, it’s safe to assume that most of our readers are familiar with .torrent files. A .torrent file basically contains metadata (filenames, size, checksum, etc) about other files it makes downloadable. However to work the magic of a torrent, you usually need a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent or Vuze. How about converting a .torrent file to a stand alone exe so that users can download it even on machines without a BitTorrent client? Torrents2Exe is an innovative free online service that allows you do just that. It’s still new but looks like it can come in handy for both regular users as well as torrent site owners.


Torrent2Exe currently runs two versions of its online service – the stable release and the beta version. Beta of course has more features so this post and the included screens are based on it. Anyways if you are wondering as to why you’d ever need a service like this, several potential uses are listed on their website itself (and I’m pretty sure there are more):

  • Publish exe files on your site or blog.
  • Add extra functionality to your torrent-related site. You can put direct links to these downloads along with links to torrent files or use special script that will do it automatically.
  • Process torrents before sending them to your friends who don't want to be bothered with installing the client.

Converting a .torrent file to exe is easy and involves only 1 mandatory step; you have to select the .torrent file you need converted (obviously). This can either reside on your hard disk or you can directly link to a torrent hosted online. Additionally, you can select the size of the generated exe (this and other advanced features are available only in ‘Convert Torrent’ page). There are two options; ‘Normal Size’ and ‘Small Size’. Exes generated under ‘Small Size’ option will be around 50kb in file size. These however will automatically download around 1MB additional components the first time a user executes it (this will be a fully automated one time download and will not be repeated for different exe files). Exes built under the ‘Normal Size’ option will be sized around 1.4MB – there will be no additional component downloads as the Torrent2Exe BitTorrent client will be embedded in the executable (You can even download the client separately, install it on your machine and download regular .torrent files with it).


As said above Torrent2Exe uses its own internal BitTorrent client for downloading and offers basic functionality such as seeding, setting min/max download and upload speeds, selecting the download location, pausing downloads, creating new torrents, hide to tray, DHT support and so on. All of these features are available even when downloading torrents in exe format. If you want you can exit the download altogether and restart it at later stage  - downloading will resume from where it left off and won’t restart from scratch.


[Click Here] to visit Torrent2Exe (Beta) homepage

[Click Here] to visit Torrent2Exe (Beta) online torrent conversion page

[Click Here] to visit Torrent2Exe (Stable) homepage

CAUTION: Using Torrents2Exe with .torrent files downloaded from private torrent trackers is not recommended. Torrent2Exe uses its internal BitTorrent client for downloading and this is most likely not an allowed client on private trackers. Additionally, most private sites prohibit sharing of .torrent files and you could end up getting banned if you distribute generated exes as this will essentially be you sharing your torrent with another party along with your unique passkey etc.

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UPDATE (26/12): Article updated with CartoonChaos, The Occult and TorrenTiT signup info. See end of post for new entries.
Original Story: There’s certainly been a lot of activity going on in our private trackers section this holiday season. Lots more torrent communities have opened their doors to new members in celebration of Christmas and this has prompted us to post yet another collective open signup update. BitTorrent sites featured in the post include RevolutionTT - a general tracker, Awesome-HD - a high definition movie & TV tracker, AnimeBytes – an anime tracker, ScienceHD – a Sci-Fi tracker and RmvBusterS – an RMVB/x264 movie tracker. As usual, up to date site statistics, signup URLs, invite application links, full tracker reviews and other useful information is included with a brief description of every site.

It’s strongly recommended that you read the full tracker review before joining a BitTorrent tracker. This way you won’t end up in trackers you’ll never use and will save both your and tracker staff’s time.

Site Name: Awesome-HD 3.1 (
Signup URL:
Stats: 6250+ users and 1000+ torrents
Description: Awesome-HD is a gazelle based HD tracker run by P2P group EUREKA. AHD has improved a lot over the past couple of months and is definitely one of the best HD trackers currently around (for new features introduced in AHD 3.1 read full review ). All indexed torrents on site have been made free leech untill the end of this year so enjoy the downloadfest :p
Full Review: [Click Here]


Site Name
: AnimeBytes (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~2000 users and ~5500 torrents
Description: (AB) is a private torrent tracker that specializes in anime, manga, Japanese music (J-music), games, live action series and even official soundtracks (OST). Site wide free leech and open signups at AB will continue for two weeks. New members who sign up during this time will get 10GB upload credit and 5 invites upon account activation.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: ScienceHD (
Invite Application URL:
Note: If you get a blank page when you visit the above URL, check back later. Staff are aware of the problem. 
Stats: ~1250 users and ~4000 torrents
Description: ScienceHD is a private torrent site specializing in science fiction TV shows, documentaries and other related infotainment content. This tracker is not open for signup but questionnaire based invites have been opened as we posted earlier.
Full Review: [Click Here]


Site Name
: RevolutionTT (
Signup URL:
Stats: 40000+ members and 25000+ torrents
Description: Simply put, this is one of the best general private torrent trackers in existence. RevTT currently has IRC idle bonus enabled and torrent wait times disabled in addition to open signups. If you need more information about this tracker or want to discuss the current open registration (or report any issues with it), please use this thread.
Full Review: [Click Here]


Site Name
: RmvBusterS (
Signup URL:
Stats: 10200+ torrents and ~9000 users
Description: RmvBusterS is a private tracker with lots of RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) and x264 encoded movies and TV shows that usually have lesser file sizes than the standard of 700MB per CD, etc (usually 300MB-500MB). An underrated tracker that has a lot more content that it meets the eye.
Full Review: [Click Here]

The Occult
Site Name: The Occult (
Signup URL:
Stats: 8700+ torrents
Description: The Occult is a very specialized tracker from the .BZ tracker family and has some of the most unusual torrents ever found on a private tracker (torrents related to various cults, ways of living, religions, healing, astrology and so on). And believe it or not they now index nearly 9k torrents which is impressive for a niche tracker.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: CartoonChaos (
Signup URL: (leave ‘invite token’ field blank)
Stats: 1300+ users and 2000+ torrents
Description: CartoonChaos is an excellent private tracker with both kids and adult cartoons. They track individual episodes of popular toons as well as complete season packs. CC has a sister site TorrentKids which tracks all other kids shows that aren’t animations. Signups have occasionally been open in the past couple of days so make the best of it :)
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: TorrenTiT (
Signup URL:
Stats: 8600+ users and 5600+ torrents
Description: TorrenTiT is a General/0Day torrent tracker that is based on Gazelle codebase. It’s a BitTorrent tracker with a lot of history and the current version of TiT is a reincarnation of the site that was shut down by BREIN in 2005. Since the return they’ve managed to attract around 9k members and the current open signup will no doubt add many more.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Need more trackers? Check the 8 private trackers featured in our previous update. Most of those trackers are still open - [Click Here].

You can follow us on Twitter to get the latest BitTorrent news, PC game Leaks, software news and more. You may also subscribe to the blog using RSS.

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UPDATE: There was an issue with the signup link. Please use the updated link posted at the end of article.
First of all let us wish all our readers, partners and friends a Merry Christmas! Now for the good news – RevolutionTT (aka RevTT) is finally open for signup. We’ve been getting a sh1tload of invite requests for this tracker recently (especially after we posted the article “RevolutionTT – Improvements and Expansions”) and for everyone who wanted to get into this awesome torrent tracker, today is the lucky day. RevTT will be in open registrations mode this Christmas and new users will be able to create an account without the need for an invite code. If you haven’t heard about it, RevolutionTT is simply one of the best private torrent trackers around, with movies, music, games, E-books, TV shows and other general content.


Open signups isn’t the only good thing that’s happening at RevTT this Christmas. Probably the best news for potential new users is that torrent wait times have been removed (temporarily). This will n doubt help them get off to a good start, making their lives a lot easier especially when it comes to meeting ratio requirements. In addition, RevolutionTT’s IRC Idle Bonus has also been enabled. This is an easy way to win gigabytes of free upload by doing nothing. Every member idling on RevolutionTT IRC when the channel hits its peak user limit will be awarded free upload credit. Note that this is an easy competition to win as there can be multiple winners; ALL members who idle on the channel when it hits the peak will get the bonus.

Anyways some of you might wonder why we called RevTT one of the best private trackers in existence. Well we have our reasons :) The site has been around for years and has an excellent community of over 40000 veteran torrenters willing to help each other out. Additionally, it has one of the best requests systems on a private tracker with a great request ccompletion ratio. In addition, RevTT has a huge torrent index with over 25000 torrents and it tracks all sorts of content ranging from movies to games. It however is not a scene only torrent tracker such as SCC or GFT. RevTT tracks both scene releases as well as uploads by P2P groups, offering a wider selection of torrents for its user base. Download speeds are generally very good and most of the torrents have very good health with adequate seeder activity (some popular releases even having over 1000 seeds).

Apart from the common uploads found on every general tracker, RevTT indexes over 1000 exclusive torrent packs. Currently it tracks ~175 movie packs, 300+ music packs, 700+ TV packs and more. In addition to packs RevTT has some fairly uncommon releases such as XViD-HD rips. This is in fact one of the few trackers to index such rips alongside IPTorrents and PreToMe. Simply put, XViD-HD rips are a BRRip (Blu-Ray rip) variant which has true HD resolution, thus paving way for better video quality than regular BRRips. Screenshot below captures some of the torrent packs found on this tracker:

RevolutionTT Packs

As the article title says, RevolutionTT is currently open for signup. This is pretty big news as Revo is usually a closed community that opens up to the public just once or twice an year. Quoted below are tracker rules regarding new registrations:

NO dupe accounts allowed, no exceptions will be made, 1 IP Address = 1 Account.
The doors may close early if the Maximum accounts are reached, it’s better to sign-up A.S.A.P. just to be on the safe side.
Make sure you follow tracker rules and don’t do anything stupid (cheating, dupes, etc.).
If the person signing up has had a previous account at RevolutionTT, they need to join port 6667 #help to get that one enabled.

In the past, we’ve seen each open signup at RevTT bringing close to 20000-25000 new members into the site. However, more than half of new recruits get disabled shortly afterwards mostly due to not following tracker rules. So if you want to survive on RevTT, read the rules and begin following them immediately after you sign up. Good luck and let the revolution begin!

Site Name: RevolutionTT (

Signup URL:

UPDATE: Signup URL has been updated. The old URL we posted here had a limit on the number of signups allowed through it and ceased to work after a while. This should now be fixed. If you find this link too not to be working, please report in the comments section. We will be updating expired links frequently. Thanks to Felosis (RevTT staff) for clearing things up.

UPDATE 2: According to RevTT staff, the Rick Roll is coming for IP ranges in banned countries. In this case we cannot help you – sorry.

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Just a quick update on RmvBusters – the site is now open for signup and you do not need an invitation code to create an account. RmvBusters is a very specialized movie and TV tracker with lots of re-encoded Polish and English releases (in fact, all torrents on this site are exclusive releases you probably won’t find anywhere else). They have lots of RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) and x264 encoded rips that usually have lesser file sizes than the standard of 700MB per CD, etc (usually 300MB-500MB). Those who want save their bandwidth usage but still want to watch movies and TV shows in decent quality should give this tracker a try.


RmvBusterS is a tracker with Polish origins. Most of the site’s mass PMs/announcements are in Polish but thankfully the interface language can be switched to English (use the English signup link below). Same goes for content – at a glance it may seem like a tracker full of Polish content but this is not true. Check out the ‘International Movies’ category to see what we are talking about.

Since we only recently reviewed RmvBusterS in detail, it would be a waste of time to repeat the same information here. If you want to know more information about this site including more on the RMVB format, re-encodes and how to filter out English releases (plus sceenshots of course), we strongly recommend you read our review located here.

Site Name: RmvBusterS (

Signup URL - English:

Signup URL – Polish :

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This has been on the cards for a while and SceneSound has finally opened the floodgates. If you haven’t heard already, SceneSound is a MP3 torrent tracker that deals primarily with scene releases and is similar to VIPMusic in terms of indexed content. Several months ago, when veteran MP3 tracker SoftMP3 went down, several new private trackers were launched as potential replacements. SceneSound was one of them and many would agree with us when we say SS has been the most successful SoftMP3 replacements to date. For the several months it has been online, there haven’t been many open signups. However in celebration of Christmas, the tracker will be open for exactly 1 day.


As a scene only music tracker, SceneSound’s recent growth has been impressive. The site currently tracks close to 20000 torrents and has a strong user base comprising of many active members. We’ve seen a lot of trackers initially uploading hundreds of new torrents per day and then soon lose the momentum after a few weeks. This however hasn’t been the case with SceneSound – there’s still a healthy flow of new releases everyday even after a few months since launch (around 25 new music albums each day). Lots of MP3 music albums as well as lossless (FLAC format) tracks may be found on this tracker. Pre times on torrents are decent and download speeds are generally pretty good.

SceneSound Layout

Some of you who are familiar with torrent site scripts such as TBDEV and Gazelle might find SceneSound’s layout a little different. That’s because the site is built on SoftMP3’s custom source which was made public after the site shut down. While there are changes made to the layout, popular SoftMP3 features such as the archive section, lossless music section, customizable start page, easy to read FAQ and rules presentation, toplists and requests have all been retained. Note that older releases (older than 1 month) can be found only in the Archive section of SceneSound (entire archive section is freeleech).

Signups for SceneSound are currently open. However, keep in mind that open registrations will only last for 24 hours. If you are interested in scene released English music, now would be a good time to create an account on this tracker.

Site Name: SceneSound (

Signup URL:

At one point, SceneSound banned IP ranges from 23 different countries from accessing the tracker/web site. This move drew wide criticism from the BitTorrent community and most of the country bans were eventually lifted.

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A few days ago we featured HD-UNiT3D, an excellent Direct Download (DDL) forum for HD content. In that article, we briefly mentioned their sister private torrent tracker project known as BiT-UNiT3D. And as we promised back then, here’s a full review of this young specialized HD tracker. This time however we have even more good news – BiT-UNiT3D has opened registrations for the first time ever and is currently accepting new members. For those of you who missed the previous article, BiT-UNiT3D primarily tracks exclusive HD rips/encodes by p2p group UNiT3D and is ones of those private trackers with exclusive torrents.


Although they opened public registrations just about two hours ago, this tracker has been online for about a month. Questionnaire based invites were being given out to existing members of HD-UNiT3D DDL Forum so it hasn’t exactly been a secret project. Either way the site currently has a user base in excess of 500 members and given the popularity of their sister site (which has 16k members) we don’t think BiT-UNITED will face a shortage of members anytime soon. They might in fact limit the number of users signing up for the tracker – currently the user cap is set to 1000, not a very high limit even for a private community.

Content is where things get really interesting for BiT-UNiT3D. As we mentioned earlier UNIT3D is a P2P group who release exclusively on HD-UNITED DDL forum. And this tracker has been branded as “The Official Private Tracker for all UNiT3D releases!”. In other words, all the torrents featured on BiT-UNIT3D are exclusive to this tracker. Currently there are around 225 active torrents (190+ movies) including 480p, 720p and m-HD movies and TV shows.

Bit-United screenshot

As you can see from the above screenshot, BiT-UNiT3D is based on gazelle codebase. Expect the usual gazelle features such as an easy to use user interface, fast navigation, advanced search, customizable themes and so on. Apart from those BU has a credits system which should help those with low bandwidth connections and in general make life easier for everyone struggling to keep up with ratio requirements. “Credits are awarded for seeding completed torrents. Every 1 hour you are awarded 1 credit for seeding, regardless how fast or how many you are seeding.”

Signups for BiT-UNiT3D are currently open (and so are registrations for HD-UNiT3D, their sister site). If you are thinking of becoming a member, you might want to hurry as there are only around 500 free slots remaining.

Site Name: BiT-UNiT3D (

Signup URL

HD-UNiT3D Review + Signup URL: [Click Here]

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TorrentVault is a private torrent tracker that’s recently been making waves in the BitTorrent community. Apart from being one of the fastest growing private torrent sites in 2009, TV is probably best known for blazing fast pre times on it’s 0Day releases. But that’s not all, TorrentVault has constantly been adding new features to its newly launched Gazelle based tracker/web interface. Their newest add-on ‘TorrentVault Marketplace’, should come in handy for those with low bandwidth internet connections and for folks who have difficulties keeping up with the site’s ratio rules.


Simply speaking, TV Marketplace is a variant of a seed bonus system. You earn ‘gold’ for torrents you keep seeding and with enough gold you can buy invites, upload credit and other goodies. While it’s nothing revolutionary (we’ve seen similar systems on many other trackers), this should help those with low bandwidth internet connections greatly. Under this system, the actual amount of data you upload would not matter -  you will keep earning gold as long as you keep the torrents seeding. To boost the global ratio using gold earned by seeding, purchase upload credit at the Marketplace.

However, seeding is not the only way you can earn gold. Posting on the forums and free weekly gifts are there to help you become richer.

TorrentVault Marketplace

A detailed explanation as to why such a system was introduced was given by Demonic (TV SysOp) on TorrentVault’s forum. The post is quoted below and this should better explain the way TV Marketplace works and how it could benefit you in the future:

We have been asked for nearly two years to implement some kind of a bonus system to balance the ratio system for users on slow internet connections that do try to seed and be a good user but are being killed off by wealthier and/or Expert users that have a lot of experience on Private trackers.

Seeding has always been competitive here but its not due to anything having to do with how the tracker is configured. We do not limit your connectivity to other peers. The reason some torrents do not seed fast is basically the fault of everyone who only downloads from TV during Free Leech. There are simply not enough leechers due to lack of usage from many members with slow internet connections.

If people would actually use the site the same way whether free leech was enabled or not it would not be hard to seed here. Proof? Any time we have had Free leech enabled in the past...

Thus The Marketplace idea was born. Its not a new concept by any means however for sites in our category its pretty rare. Mostly because sites like TV survive on donations to pay the outrageously priced dedicated server hosting and donations by users looking to save their account that has a bad ratio. We are going to test this theory, we believe that our community is strong and that TV will be supported whether or not the donating member has a good ratio.
TV will only be around as long as its wanted and we hope you all want us for a long time.

The way it works:

Every hour that you are seeding a completed torrent on our tracker you earn 3 Gold for each one. So if you are seeding 20 torrents you will earn 60 Gold every hour. You can spend your wealth at The Marketplace. Which is a new page with some "shops" like Gigs for Gold where you can trade Gold for GB of Upload credit. Naturally since The Marketplace is such a new feature there will be adjustment over time and balancing the Economy of it, if you all have too much Gold the system is botched.

If you dont have enough it does not help you so we have to balance that to make sure you are taken care of and TV is safe from massive abuse. We monitor the system and check logs daily, Remember this is only meant to help you and make your experience more enjoyable.

The Gold meter at the top (next to Ratio: ) updates every 15 minutes. However you can see your current Gold amount on The Marketplace page.

The Marketplace is a work in progress and we are ready to hear everyones feedback on it. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Leave a reply on this thread. If you have ideas for what else we can spend our Gold on it will be welcomed. One idea is not using your Upload credit to pay the 500MB cost for making a Request. But rather using Gold instead, since your Gold will replenish whether or not your Upload credits are at that moment.

So there you have it. If you stopped using TorrentVault after the Freeleech period ended, looks like it’s time to return to the tracker. On a side note, they’ve kept up those great pre times and the releases are still flowing at a rapid rate – TV now tracks close to 20000 torrents.

As for signups, they are currently closed. However if you are a reader of this blog you most probably are already a member there – after all, we did conduct several invite giveaways for this tracker just recently.

Site Name: TorrentVault (

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Although a lots of folks have managed to beta test Google Wave by now, the demand for invites remain high. Our initial giveaway of 25 free invites was by no means enough to supplement the huge demand and as you can see from comments to the giveaway thread, we were overwhelmed by hundreds of requests. Anyways as promised, the second Google Wave invite giveaway here. Thanks to two of our loyal readers who offered to share their invites with us, we are now in a position to offer 50 more invites to wannabe ‘Wave Riders’ out there: :p

Google Wave

If you still don’t know what it is, Wave is a personal communication and collaboration tool with some revolutionary features. It’s viewed by many as a new internet communication platform and ultimately a replacement for the likes of E-Mail, IM, etc. The service is currently in beta and an invitation from an existing member is mandatory for sign up (hence this article).

Coming back to the giveaway, obtaining an invite is very easy. All you need to do is to send us a mail with the following format:
UPDATE: This Giveaway is now over. We have received more than 50 requests. Please do not send any more. Invites will be mailed to the first 50 requests over the next couple of days.

  • Send the mail to invites[dot]filenetworks[at]
  • Email should have the subject “Wave Giveaway 02
  • Message body should have the E-mail address invite should be sent to

Only the first 50 requests will be considered and all mails sent after that will be ignored. Please allow 2-3 days for your invitation to arrive as there may be delays with us sending out invites and internal slowdowns in the Wave invite system itself.

It must be mentioned that this giveaway is made possible by two of our loyal readers/Twitter followers; Omar(@TatesMan) and Cray (@dragonxeric). Out of the 50 invites, only 6 invites are actually from us - rest is all them :p

Once again it’s nice to see folks willing to share their invitations to various sites/services through FILEnetworks Blog. This excellent support from the community was one of the reasons why our last Demonoid giveaway was/is such a huge success. Thanks to everyone who shared and keep up the good work :)

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This Christmas just keeps getting better and better for fans of torrenting. In addition to the many number of private trackers that have already opened their doors to new members, here’s another popular tracker which will soon start a fresh recruitment drive this season. ScienceHD will be opening questionnaire-based invites on the Christmas day and qualifying members will be invited to the site by Sci-HD staff themselves. If you don’t know already, ScienceHD is a private torrent site specializing in science fiction movies, TV shows, documentaries and other related infotainment content and is without a doubt one of the best private torrent tracker to be launched in 2009.


We’ve mentioned about this tracker in about 5 of our articles and some of our readers might think it’s overrated. However, we believe that SciHD truly deserves the attention. They’ve risen from being a relatively unknown private tracker at launch to a site that can rival BitMeTV in terms of science fiction/documentary content, in less than an year. Sci-HD currently tracks close to 3900 torrents spanning across 775+ series/authors and if you are into Sci-Fi/Documentaries chances are high that you’ll love the content.

Speaking of content, it should be no secret to you that SHD is not a general tracker. Allowable content according to tracker rules is “Science, Science Fiction, and learning related videos, eBooks, magazines and Audio books. If a show is listed on IMDB, TVrage,, or TVguide as scifi, documentary, science, history, learning, etc., then it automatically qualifies”. MPAA rated content is not allowed. And as the name suggests, most of the videos/movies/TV series found on this site are in high definition (HD) formats (1080p/720p MKV, etc). Below is a screenshot of few of the many show categories found on ScienceHD:

ScienceHD Icons

ScienceHD is powered by Gazelle codebase and hundreds of available torrent categories are easily organized using tags, category icons, filters and more thanks to Gazelle’s strong organization features. If you don’t like the default theme you can easily switch to any one of the other 5-6 available stylesheets.

ScienceHD, like most other private torrent sites has a set of rules which every member must follow. We think it’s worth mentioning here two of the most important but often overlook tracker rules here:

You must download an average of 3GB per month, or else you will be disabled
All torrents must be seeded to a 1:1 ratio or for a minimum of 72hrs

Pay attention to the minimum monthly download requirement. SciHD will dump if you are not an active member. Thousands of users (including collectors) have been disabled in the past couple of months due to not following site rules so the first thing you should do once you become a member is to have a look at their rules section.

Anyways enough about the site details – now back to the topic at hand; invite applications. As mentioned earlier ScienceHD will open questionnaire based invites on the 25th of December and those who successfully answer the questions will be invited into the tracker.

Currently neither the nature of questions nor the URL which the invite applications will be hosted at has not been revealed. However you can be the first to know this information if you follow Sci-HD’s Twitter stream. If you are too lazy to create a Twitter account and become a follower, you can simply watch the updates manually by visiting the URL They WILL open on the 25th of December and don’t miss the opportunity if you are willing to get in – FFS we told you three days in advance :p

Site Name: ScienceHD (

Invite Application URL: N/A, Watch for updates

Of course, FILEnetwork’s own Twitter feed will be updated as usual once the details are made public. You can follow/watch our Twitter feed using or simply monitor the in-site widget on left sidebar.

Special thanks to spaceship9, infinity, shoomer and rest of ScienceHD staff for the info provided.

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Some of you might have heard about Etherpad, an online word processor with real time collaboration capabilities. Etherpad was recently acquired by Google and big G released the service’s source code to the public on 18th of December. Just hours after the code was made public, an Etherpad clone by the name of PiratePad came online at The new service is hosted by none other than folks at Swedish Pirate Party, a popular bunch among file sharers across the world. PiratePad is identical to Etherpad in terms of features and is still a free online word processor with ‘real’ real time collaboration (as seen on Google Wave).


Using PiratePad is really simple. To create a new document all you need to do is to hit on the ‘Create new pad’ button. To share it, you can either email the unique link on browser address bar or simply give it to your collaborators via IM or any other medium. Once you share it, all the changes you or any other collaborator make to the document will be visible to all shared users in real time, with a zero second delay. Changes made by different users may be identified using an ‘Authorship Color’.

Apart from real time features PiratePad offers decent word processing capabilities including text alignment, under/redo, text formatting, bullets, document import and revision based save. All in all it’s an interesting web app – check it out.

[Click Here] to visit PiratePad Homepage

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Looks like a lot more private torrent sites are opening signups this Christmas season. After our last collective tracker update which was posted just two weeks ago, here are 8 more private trackers (usually closed communities) that currently have open signups. Sites featured in the article include DVDSeed – an untouched DVDR tracker, PWT – a wrestling tracker, ExDesi – a hindi movie tracker, Cinemageddon – a cult movie tracker plus more General/0day sites such as ScR, XtremeZone, TorrentBully and Scene-Rush. Up-to-date site statistics, signup URLs, Christmas promotion details and links to full reviews are included with every featured site.

DVDSeed (DS)
Site Name: DVDSeed (
Signup URL:
Stats: 3700+ torrents
Description: DVDSeed is an untouched DVD5/DVD9/Blu-Ray tracker with English and Polish releases. Initial look at the site may suggest it’s full of Polish content but this is not true. More information about DS’s content and how to filter out English torrents can be found in our full tracker review. Signups will stay open till 31st of December 2009.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Pro Wrestling Torrents (PWT)
Site Name: Pro Wrestling Torrents (
Signup URL:
Stats: 20000+ members and 5400+ torrents
Description: Pro Wrestling Torrents (PWT) is an excellent tracker for Wrestling fans. The site used to have random open signups when inactive users were deleted but these didn’t last long. However, this time around it looks like they’ll be open for quite some time: “PWT's member limit has been raised [to 25000]. We are now accepting an extra 5,000 wrestling fans. Tell your friends!”
Full Review: [Click Here] – This is a very, very old review (if you can call it that) :p

Site Name: XtremeZone (
Signup URL:
Stats: 9200+ torrents
Description: Simply one of the best General/0Day trackers from Romania. Excellent download speeds, great packs and high availability of scene and non scene content makes this a worthy tracker to be a member of. XtremeZone’s web interface has gone through some visual enhancements since our last mention of it. They have opened signups as a Christmas gift for new members : “ Please note that in the spirit of Christmas approaching we let go of a short Free Signup to bring the family more XtreMeZone souls.” (Translated)
Full Review: [Click Here]

Scene Rush 
Site Name: Scene-Rush (
Signup URL:
Stats: 4500+ torrents
Description: Scene-Rush is a Portugal based private tracker with both Portuguese and English releases. Good looking interface and nice packs. Site will be on open signup mode and on free leech until 31 December 2009.
Full Review: N/A. This is the first mention of SceneRush on FILEnetworks.

SceneRace (ScR)
Site Name:  SceneRace (
Signup URL:
Stats: 5700+ users and 3200+ torrents
Description: A gazelle based, ratioless tracker with an auto uploader for tv releases and xvid movies. They ran into a few snags in 2009  but the site remains up as of now. Read full review for more details.
Full Review: [Click Here]

ExDesi (ExD)
Site Name: Extreme Desi (
Signup URL: EDIT: You need to donate to complete the registration which just blows. Thanks to those who pointed it out – we did not notice as the post was based on an old ExD account this writer had.  
Stats: 37000+ members
Description: ExDesi is a Hindi/Bollywood movie and TV torrent tracker. Releases by P2P groups such as BrG, DUS, xDR, DDR etc may be found here. If you are looking for English movies however, this tracker won’t have them. In addition to torrents, ExD has a ratio free LinkShare section which has many of thier exclusive releases.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Cinemageddon (CG)
Site Name: Cinemageddon (
Signup URL:
Stats: 21900+ users and 43000+ torrents
Description: Cinemageddon is without a doubt one of the best cult movie trackers on the net. If you are looking for B-movies, horror flicks and other rare/cult movies, this is definitely a tracker worth having. Unlike most other sites featured in this post CG won’t be open for long – right now there are only 75 spots remaining so better be quick.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Torrent Bully (
Signup URL:
Stats: 675+ active torrents
Description: TorrentBully is a respected  private tracker with General content. There’s a decent amount of activity here.
Full Review: [Click Here]

In addition sites mentioned above, SuperTorrents and STMusic will be having open signups soon as revealed in a previous post. But that’s not all – there are more great private trackers scheduled to open signups/invites/invite applications this season. Keep reading the blog for more updates and let’s just say that it’s going to be an awesome Christmas/New year season if you are into torrenting.

If you didn’t read it, don’t forget to check out our last collective tracker update. Lots of sites featured in that post are still open for signup.

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About five months back we posted our first invite giveaway for Underground-Ravers (UR). UR is one of those rare, invite only private trackers that very seldom have open signups. It’s a specialized tracker dealing with hardcore/hardstyle music and is made up of a small community of dedicated members. The tracker was an instant hit among our readership but the limited open signup apparently did not last long enough till everyone got in. If you for some reason missed out on the first giveaway or if you are one of our newer readers who weren’t around back then, here’s another golden opportunity to get into UR.

Underground Ravers

You may not have heard about Underground Ravers but the site is not a newcomer to the BitTorrent scene. They have been online since 2006 and is over 3 years old. In fact this is a site with a lot of history. UR was launched as a replacement for Ravetracker which had to shut down its operations due to legal threats. Ravetracker itself was started as a replacement for its predecessor Happy2bHardcore.

Anyways since its inception UR has slowly but surely made a name for itself in the hardcore/hardstyle music niche. Without a doubt it is currently one of the best online sources to download free music related to this genre. As of 19/12/2009, UR tracked over 1500 active torrents and had a user base of 700 members. Right now releases on this tracker span across 6 main categories; live, tape, video, vinyl, CD, other and digital. There are around 15 more subcategories which make music discovery much easier. The availability of exclusive non scene uploads adds even more value to the site. A screenshot of UR’s current interface and torrent index may be found below:

UR index

For several months, UR’s layout and tracker source has remained unchanged. There is nothing wrong with the current setup but massive changes are on the pipeline. According to site admins work on UR V2 has already started and many new site features and enhancements are planned in the new release. Currently there is no specific launch date set for the new version but below is a sneak preview of of what’s to come:


As usual, UR is currently closed for signup. But don’t let that worry you – site admins have again offered a special open signup link exclusively for FILEnetworks Blog readers. This signup link will be valid only for a limited time but there will be no limit to the number of signups allowed through the link during its lifespan. So make the best out of it and enjoy UR. Don't forget to read tracker rules once you signup - if you want to survive that is.

Site Name: Underground-Ravers (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Underground-Ravers Admin for trusting us and our readers with another UR giveaway.

This news was first relayed on @filenetworks, our Twitter feed. Stay tuned for more invite giveaways this season.

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