We sure do have a lot of promising new private torrent trackers popping up these days. Earlier we reported about a new Anime/Comic tracker Animatoonic and now we present you ScienceHD (SHD). ScienceHD is a Gazelle based private BitTorrent site which specializes in Sci-Fi (science fiction) movies, TV shows and premium documentaries related to science, nature, history, physics and lots of other interesting topics. Most of the content found on this tracker are in high definition (HD) format (1080p/720p MKV, etc). If you were looking forward to get into SHD, this could be your lucky day – it’s currently open for public registrations.

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It’s only been a week since ScienceHD was officially launched and the site has already gotten off to a great start. SHD currently has a user base close to 800 members and tracks 350+ active torrents – excellent stats considering the site’s been closed to the public for the most part.

Speaking of the content on SHD, they can be grouped into two main categories;  science fiction movies, TV shows (entertainment) and documentaries & other educational content (infotainment). From TV shows such as Heroes, Eureka to HD documentaries from premium publishers such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, SHD has something for everyone. Following are some of the torrent categories available on this tracker:

SHD categories

Unlike most other torrent sites, SHD is not full of scene releases found almost on every general/0day tracker. They do have a nice collection of unique and exclusive releases (this includes some great ebook packs in addition to the multimedia content) and their dedicated uploader/encoder team will see to it that this collection is continuously expanded.

Another point that must be noted is the download speeds on SHD. When you browse the torrent list, you might come across a lot of torrents with  1 seeder (this may change with the open registrations). Even though there is only one seeder, expect the torrents to have blazing fast download speeds - almost all torrents on SHD are uploaded using seedboxes.

ScienceHD has been closed to the public ever since it’s inception. However we hear from staff that the site is set to have it’s first open signup period sometime today (no one knows the exact time except the SysOP) EDIT: It’s open! All new users will start with a whopping 10GB free upload credit as well as 4 invites. Keep checking the signup URL because this site is well worth being a member of.

Site Name: ScienceHD (http://sciencehd.net)

Signup URL: http://sciencehd.net/register.php


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  1. Dan // 4/30/2009 06:14:00 AM  

    Just registered. Lots of interesting shows. Thanks!

  2. shifter // 4/30/2009 08:03:00 AM  

    Come join our tracker! you won't forget it and come find me on IRC if u have any questions! shifter420!

  3. pintcube // 4/30/2009 10:22:00 AM  

    visit: www.torrentseeder.webs.com to recieve invite codes now for free.

  4. Al Ammar // 4/30/2009 08:03:00 PM  

    Very Nice tracker, love it!!!

  5. Davka // 5/05/2009 01:25:00 PM  

    Looks like a very nice tracker, if anyone wants to get rid of one invite - i'd be glad to take it :)

  6. LifeAdventure // 5/19/2009 08:30:00 PM  

    Would love to join this tracker; please can someone spare an invite for a student?
    I can send proof of other pvt tracker activity as needed.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Richard // 5/29/2009 04:07:00 PM  

    I would love to get an invite to this tracker.

  8. unmind // 7/20/2009 11:21:00 PM  
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  9. unmind // 7/20/2009 11:23:00 PM  

    Too late to get an invitation? Thanks, unmindsmith@gmail.com

  10. Adarsh // 7/26/2009 01:57:00 AM  

    pls pls some one send me invitation.My id is ole2267@yahoo.in

  11. Laennec // 8/01/2009 02:47:00 AM  

    its open again!! get in as u can

  12. COOKIEZ // 8/02/2009 03:33:00 PM  

    Please send invate to HASSISHH@yahoo.com !

  13. Tom // 8/03/2009 08:49:00 PM  

    Missed it! If anyone can spare an invite I would love you. mtlshoponline@gmail.com

  14. cuppuccino // 12/22/2009 05:29:00 PM  

    wow wat a great torrent! love this sci-fi & documentary stuff, anyone got 1 slot pls invite me.. tks