You are probably tired of hearing about trackers being shut down because that’s been happening a lot lately. LeechersLair, a large General/0Day tracker that was featured on FILEnetworks Blog several times, too was forced offline by the Malaysian government due to possible copyright infringement (at the time of shut down, LL was hosted by Shinjiru, a hosted based in Malaysia). However, we learn that this will not be the end of LeechersLair – tracker staff are determined to bring the site back online, even if it meant moving to a host in a different country.

We’ve been getting a lot of E-mails from concerned LL members so thought it was best to post an update on this Blog. Quoted below is what Felix2003 (LL Moderator) told us about the current status of the site:

At the moment the Malaysian government ordered prominent webhosting provider Shinjiru to close down the site to inspect the server for illegal file sharing.
We have taken all action in protecting our members data and the site will be back online in the next day maybe 2 as we are unsure as to how long there investigation will take regardless of the outcome LL will not be shut down and we will be moving servers to a more secure location as Shinjieu can no longer be trusted

At the time it was forced offline, LeechersLair had a user base in excess of 18000 members and tracked over 6000 active torrents. We at FILEnetworks Blog wish LL admins and staff best of luck in their efforts to restore the tracker and the site quickly.

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  1. Antz // 4/23/2009 11:31:00 AM  

    mail from leecher's lair

    Hi everyone

    As most of you will be aware by now leecherslair is currently offline due to us being taken down by the Malaysian government. You can read more on the link below.

    We are hoping that the server will be released back to us sometime tomorrow but we cannot be certain of that. One thing I will say is that we will not be staying with this hosting company and I am at this very moment looking for another host.

    Do not listen to any rumours about LL, we are not closing down and I hope that we can get the site back up as soon as possible. I am sending this email out to all members via a backup which I have loaded onto another server. I do have a test server which some members are hanging out on as it has a shoutbox and we can also keep members up to date with what is happening. If you want to join us then click the link below, you will need to register as it has nothing to do with the main site at all.

    Alternately you can register an account with our forums to also keep up to date with the goings on on the following link:

    Any member that is worried about this situation there's no need as I have removed all logs from the server as well as all snatch lists. So there is nothing for the Malaysian government to gain from it.

    I will keep you all updated one way or another and I can assure you that the Lair WILL be back :)


  2. 8-) // 4/23/2009 12:07:00 PM  

    even the malasyian government takes firm action... :-(
    seems like the end for trackers IMO

  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 4/23/2009 01:02:00 PM  

    This is nothing new. Malaysian government has been doing this for some time now. Even FTN and a bunch of others were forced offline several months ago due to govt action. Some went down some changed hosts and are online to date.

    And it's not the end of trackers. Trackers have been getting shut down since the early 2000's. Everyone said it was the end when Lokitorrents, EliteTorrents, SuprNova, OiNK went down but i think all those raids increased popularity of BitTorrent tenfold.

  4. Anonymous // 4/27/2009 01:57:00 PM  

    Antz please remove this post from here, it is against LL policy to post emails and pm's outside of the Lair even more so attimes like these.

  5. vi // 4/27/2009 09:19:00 PM  

    Can someone explain what is so great about Malaysia for a lot of trackers to host there?

  6. Red // 4/28/2009 10:08:00 AM  

    My account was lost in transition. Any chance I can get some help retrieving it?

  7. mario // 5/08/2009 02:30:00 PM  

    they just CANT close Lair
    Merlin is too good
    Malsyans sucks
    but Lair ROCKS