If you are using a shared computer, sometimes you may want to block other users from accessing your files or folders due to various reasons. There are tons of software out there which will suit this job but how about a simple, free tool that won’t take half your system resources? My Lockbox is a lightweight software that can be used to effectively hide any folder on your computer so that the hidden folder becomes invisible and inaccessible both from the local machine and via the network.

my lockbox screenshot

Note that although this program is able to hide files from users, it does not store the hidden files in encrypted form. Some advanced tools that are able to detect hidden files can sometimes reveal folders hidden by My Lockbox. This does not mean the app is useless – it’s still a great software for home use.

Features and benefits

  • Very easy in use
  • Almost any folder on your computer can be password protected
  • Instant protection - no file scrambling or moving to another place
  • Lockbox folder is inaccessible even by the system administrators
  • Lockbox folder is inaccessible both locally and remotely.
  • Lockbox folder can be protected in Windows safe mode
  • Windows XP x64 support
  • Hotkeys support - you can popup Control Panel with a simple keystroke.
  • Skinned user interface
  • Freeware


[Click Here] to download My Lockbox 1.2 from official download server (1.3MB – direct download)


  1. Anonymous // 4/18/2009 03:49:00 AM  

    great piece of software. thanks