Over the past few years, Microsoft have released some really crappy software – this definitely isn’t one of them. Microsoft Photosynth is a cool, innovative app developed by MS Live Labs which lets you construct three dimensional views using a collection of related images. The official page describes the software as “In simple terms, Photosynth allows you to take a bunch of photos of the same scene or object and automatically stitch them all together into one big interactive 3D viewing experience that you can share with anyone on the web”.

microsoft photosynth

It’s really not easy to describe the functionality of Photosynth in a simple blog post such as this – you’ve got to try it out to really get an idea of what it can do. Thankfully the software is free of charge and is not a huge download. A new build of PhotoSynth ( was released just a day ago and we have included the direct download links to this version below.


[Click Here] to download Microsoft PhotoSynth from FileForum (10.5MB)