SciFiTorrents is a private torrent tracker with a lot of Science Fiction (SciFi) themed content. You can find a fair amount of SciFi movies, TV Series, E-Books and even some Anime. You may not have heard about this tracker before but judging by the site’s stats, it’s quite popular; There are nearly 7000 registered members on SciFiTorrents and it currently tracks over 3500 torrents. There are both scene and non scene releases on this tracker. Bulk of the scene released content comprises of latest episodes of SciFi themed TV series and movie.

SciFiTorrents tracks a fair amount of unique packs. In addition, they have some classic and rare SciFi themed movies and TV Shows as well. You can find most of the packs and classic movies/TV Shows under Collections/Box and SciFi Classics categories.

Screenshot: Some of the classic SciFi content found on SciFiTorrents

Like any other tracker, SciFiTorrents is not perfect. Some of the torrents on this tracker have only one seeder. In such cases, the torrent will still be downloadable but download speeds may suffer. Also, the layout of SciFiTorrentsis not the best one around (this is my personal opinion) but it’s still usable.

Signups are currently open and interested readers may join for free. It’s a great tracker to have, specially if you are a fan of SciFi content so check it out.

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Site Name: SciFiTorrents

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  1. Anonymous // 2/09/2009 10:06:00 AM  

    Don't forget to pop into the forums, we are just as big in there.

    Thanks for the review we have took in your comments and will look at fixing some problems, we do provide an alternative theme if the main theme is too dark. The other theme is NB_Pastel which was our old theme from our old site.


  2. TEAM FILEnetworks // 2/10/2009 03:01:00 AM  

    Thanks for taking the time to comment here.

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    What is happened with this tracker ?

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