TribalMixes is a private torrent tracker which specializes in DJ Mixes. You can download plenty of DJ sets, promo mixes, radio mixes and other live DJ mixes from this tracker. There are a number of different music genres involved including (but not limited to) techno, tribal, progressive, house and trance. Apart from audio torrents, videos of some live performances can also be found. TribalMixes is a pretty large torrent tracker both in terms of user base and number of indexed torrents. 


At the time this post is being written, TribalMixes tracks 9200+ active torrents. It has a strong user base of 23000+ active members. Torrents found on TribalMixes are mostly user uploads (non scene). Apart from individual releases, there are some great DJ mixes collections (packs) online as well.

tribalmixes packs

Like all other torrent trackers, TribalMixes is not perfect. One of the downsides of this tracker (my personal opinion) is its layout. I found the homepage a little bit cluttered but the torrent index was more readable. Anyways this is nothing fatal and you should get used to it after a little while.

TribalMixes is currently open for signups. Check it out – it’s a must have tracker if you are a fan of DJ mixes.

Site Name: TribalMixes (

Signup URL:


  1. slash // 9/19/2011 01:47:00 PM  


    thanks for having this link here, very awesome.

    i have just released a new version of, it's nice, it's tight, it's sleek, it's awesome. would it be a burden if i asked you, guys, to update this page here with newer up to date info?