Ebooksshares.org is a private torrent tracker specializing in…..you guessed it…E-books or electronic books (Note: This post is not about the public torrent index ebookshare.net). If you have been reading FILEnetworks Blog, chances are that you have already discovered several E-Learning trackers with E-Books related to academic subjects. However Ebooks Shares is not just another E-Learning tracker with only educational stuff. Instead, it’s a tracker that has many E-Books related to a number of subjects ranging from Kids stories to science fiction novels.

Ebooks Shares

I only recently discovered Ebooks Shares and it was just the tracker I was looking for. Although I was a member of many E-Learning trackers, I had to rely on ED2K links and one click hosting sites for general fiction and non educational E-Books. Ebooks Shares has them all in one place :) Currently there are over 11500 members on this tracker and it indexes (and tracks) close to 4500 torrents. Considering the fact that Ebooks Shares is a specialized tracker, these stats are both excellent.

If you wish to be a member of this tracker, now would be a good time. Signups are currently open and interested readers may join for free.

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  • Audio Books - Adventure, Arts/Biographies, Childrens, Classics, Comedy, Detective/Drama, Factual, History/Military, Horror, Medical, Mystery/Thriller, Non-Fiction/ Reference, Other or General, Radio Drama's, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Travel, Tutorials
  • Children's Ebooks - Adventure, Children's Comics, Children's Novels, Educational, Games, General
  • Computers - Computer Magazines, Os/Mac, Os/Other, Os/Windows, Programming, Tutorials, Web
  • Documentaries/Video Tutorials - Computer, Educational, General, History, Military, Modelling, Sciences, Woodworking
  • Ebooks Fiction - Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Detective/Crime, Fiction Frenzy, General Fiction, Horror, Military/Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Westerns
  • Ebooks Non-Fiction/ Reference -Automotive and other Repairs, Biographies, Building and Architecture, Business/Legal, Comedy, Computer, Educational, Entertainment, General Reference, Geography/Archaeology, Medical, Music Books, Social Sciences, Transportation
  • Educational Ebooks - Astronomy, Environment, Etymology/Languages, History - Non-Military, Mathematics, Paleontology, Sciences/Technology
  • EX-VIP
  • Hobby/Pastimes - Art, Comics, Cooking, Crafts/Knitting/Sewing, Games/RPG/Gaming, General Pastimes, Health/Lifestyle, Home/Gardening, Metalworking, Modelling, Pets/Animal Science [Vet], Photography, Sports, Travel, Woodworking
  • Military - Aircraft, Armour, General Military, Naval
  • Misc - Conversion/Ebook Apps., Magazines, Other
  • VIP - Ebook Collections


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