As we told you earlier in our ‘heads up’ post, HD-Bits.Ro is open for signup. If you don’t know already, HD-Bits.Ro is a one of the best places on the net where you can find and download high definition movie, TV show and documentary torrents. With over 2800 indexed torrents and a great user base, HD-Bits.Ro is one of the largest HD trackers currently online. logo

It’s not only HD movies you can find on HD-Bits.Ro. Over 200 documentaries from premium content providers such as History Channel, Discovery, BBC, National Geographic, etc are tracked on HD-Bits.Ro. Lots of HDTV rips and x264 encodes of US based TV shows can also be found on this tracker. In addition, there are some music videos in HD format as well as over 400 torrents of lossless music online. Apart from individual releases, HD-Bits tracks a lot of unique collections as well. Since these are all HD content, size of the packs are huge – I found a movie pack which exceeds 305GB in size).

hdbits packs

As mentioned earlier, this site is currently open for signup. It will stay open till the 26th of December so hopefully everyone in need will be able to get in. If you are looking for HD stuff, this is one of the best around. Check it out.

Site Name: HD-Bits.Ro (

Signup URL:

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