Yesterday we reported about the first Beta build of Windows 7 (Version 6.1 build 7000 or build number 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400) being leaked on BitTorrent. Just a day or so after the release was leaked, pirates have managed to find a workaround to indefinitely extend the trial period of the OS. There seem to be several different ‘activators’ or ‘cracks’ for Windows 7 Beta 1, most of which are based on resetting or re-arming the free trial period of the OS.

windows 7 beta 1 build 7000

Microsoft did not introduce any major changes in Windows 7 build 7000 (beta 1 carrying version 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400) over the previous build (build 6969). It would not be wrong to assume that the anti piracy measures and the activation process in both builds remained unchanged. Perhaps this made it easier for pirates to find a workaround for Beta 1 as activation cracks for pre beta builds of Windows 7 had been around for a while. One of the most popular workarounds for Build 7000 seem to be the ones based on TimerNuke - a mechanism which can manipulate the trial period countdown timer of the OS. In addition to installation/un-installation of TimerNuke, some of these cracks seem to have the ability to remove the watermark as well as to stop the OS from sending feedback (call home) to Microsoft.

However, one must remember that this is still a beta build of Windows 7. Microsoft probably is saving the best anti piracy measures to be fully implemented in the final builds of the OS. Also note that these timestopper or re-arm cracks are known to be unreliable – sometimes they won’t work, sometimes they’ll appear to be working but the OS will still expire, etc. However even in the case of Windows Vista, pirates started out with time stopper workarounds but then managed to release more advanced cracks such as those based on BIOS emulation by the time a Final build of Vista was released. As for me, I’m just waiting for Microsoft to introduce the next major anti piracy measure for Windows 7 to resume watching the everlasting battle between Pirates vs MS.

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