A few months ago, we reported about TorrentVault – a decent General/0Day torrent tracker which was open for signup at that time. TorrentVault tracks general content such as movies, music, games and TV Shows. This tracker has a decent user base of ~6000 members and tracks over 4500 active torrents. Torrent Vault signups has been closed for quite a while now and if you were looking forward to get into this tracker, here is your chance.


Unlike most trackers we post in our private trackers section, TorrentVault is not currently open for signup – the site requires an invite to join. Getting invited however is surprisingly easy – all you have to do is to log onto their IRC channel and type a simple command. Follow the instructions below to get invited to Torrent Vault for free.

UPDATE: It appears the channel has now become invite only. It was good while it lasted.

Method 1 - If you have mIRC installed:

The following will work only if you have an application such as mIRC installed on your system. If you do not have such an app installed, try Method 2.

  1. Click here to visit TorrentVault invites channel
  2. Type the command !invite your@email.here
    For example, if you want the invite to be sent to yourname@mailprovider.com type
    !invite yourname@mailprovider.com
  3. Check E-Mail to complete the signup process.

Method 2 – If you do not have mIRC installed

If you do not have an IRC client such as mIRC installed on your system (or if you are unable to install one at your work or university computer), these is no reason to worry. You can use the Mibbit web based IRC chat service to obtain a TorrentVault invite.

  1. Visit Mibbit chat page from this link.
  2. Locate the ‘IRC’ panel at the top, click on the ‘Server’ link – a new textbox where you can input the server address will appear.
  3. Input irc.torrentvault.org:9011 as the server address.
  4. Input a nickname and enter #invites as channel name. You will be taken to the invites channel.
  5. Follow steps 2 and 3 from Method 1 (above)

P.S. – SceneFeed, sister site of Torrent Vault, is closing down. You can read the notice on their homepage


  1. Lain // 12/12/2008 10:20:00 AM  

    Hey I'm trying to get an invite, but it says:

    I registered with nickserv, but I'm seeing:

    Can't join #invites, channel is invite only! (mode+i)

    Can't join #torrentvault, channel is invite only! (mode+i)

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 12/12/2008 11:06:00 AM  

    Sorry mate it seems they've made the channel invite only now.