When Microsoft released Windows Vista, it was claimed un-crackable due to the advanced anti piracy measures it used. Today, two years after the OS’s release, these exists several different types of cracks and hacks which pirates can use to activate illegitimate copies of Vista. From what it looks like, anti piracy measures in Microsoft’s upcoming operating system (titled Windows 7) too is likely to suffer a similar fate.

windows 7 logo

There have been several pre release builds of Windows 7 so far and almost all of them have been leaked to Bittorrent. Additionally, there are several different cracks and hacks around that claim to permanently activate these builds of the Operating System. WGA Patcher Cyclone 4.0 and Windows 7 Activator by STR!D3R seem to two of the more popular ones. These activators are allegedly capable of activating Windows 7 pre release builds 6801, 6956, 6969, etc permanently. Some claim to remove the watermark as well.

Note that current builds of Windows 7 may not feature all anti piracy measures MS has in mind for the OS. But in the upcoming builds, advanced features such as genuine validation and god knows what can be expected. One thing is for certain - the everlasting battle between crackers and Microsoft will surely take some interesting turns.

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