The Torrent Source (TTS) is a private torrent tracker which tracks general content including zero day scene releases. Like most other general trackers, TTS tracks movies, music, games, TV Shows and torrents from lots of other categories. From what I have seen, this tracker has average pre times and download speeds. At the time this post is being written, TTS has a user base close to 11000 and tracks 1500+ active torrents. 

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The Torrent Source indexes both scene and non scene releases. It has a good collection of PC appz and XViD movies among other torrents.

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TTS has a bonus points system. Users gain bonus points for seeding time and they can exchange these bonus points for upload credit, VIP membership and other goodies. You get 2GB free upload credit upon signup.

Signups at Torrent Source are currently open and interested readers may join for free.

Site Name: The Torrent Source (

Signup URL:


  • 0-Day Apps
  • Anime
  • Appz/Mac
  • Appz/misc
  • Appz/PC
  • Childrens
  • Donating VIP
  • E-Book/Audio Book
  • Games/Emu
  • Games/Mac
  • Games/NDS
  • Games/PC
  • Games/Pc Retro
  • Games/PS2
  • Games/PSP
  • Games/Psx
  • Games/Wii
  • Games/Xbox
  • Games/XBox 360
  • Movie/mp4
  • Movies/Blu-Ray
  • Movies/Boxed Set
  • Movies/Cam
  • Movies/Classic
  • Movies/DVD-R
  • Movies/Other
  • Movies/x264
  • Movies/XviD
  • Music
  • Music/Videos
  • TV/Boxsets
  • TV/Episodes
  • TV/PPV
  • TV/Seasons
  • TV/Sports
  • TV/X264


  1. Cyberthug // 2/04/2009 09:11:00 AM  

    i was staff at from the start and i started
    noticing what they was doing and the things they was saying about how
    they was using donations to buy seed boxes for the staff and buying
    other things on like ebay and yahoo auctions buying computers and
    other things i was like wow i cant belive they are doing this most of
    the money or "donations" goto and i left for this
    reason and i think its very bad for users to be used for their
    amusement, im sure the total of what they used so far as of dec. 08
    was about 12,000 thats not very good

    your file sharing friend