We have previously posted about private torrent trackers and forums such as Tapedown (Open), Keitex Forum (Open) and Libble.com from where you could download English music and mixtapes for free. MixFiend is another private torrent tracker which specializes in the same niche. It actually is bigger (in terms of user base) and appears to have more content than all of the aforementioned sites. At the time this post is written, MixFiend tracks over 15000 torrents and has a user base in excess of 125000 members.

As for the content on MixFiend, you can find music related to a number of different genres such as Hip Hop (a lot of them), R&B, Rap, Classic and so on (see categories below for full list). The have some great DJ collections, instrumentals and even some bonus DVDs and music videos.  

Image: Screenshot of MixFiend tracker

At a glance, MixFiend’s interface may look a little unusual. Actually it’s pretty simple and I found it very easy to use. Like most other BitTorrent trackers, MixFiend too has a forum. From what I have seen it’s pretty active and seems to be an excellent community to be part of.

Signups for this tracker are currently open and interested readers may join for free. MixFiend is a must have tracker for English music fans, specially those looking for mixtapes so check it out.


Site Name: MixFiend (http://mixfiend.com/)

Signup URL: http://mixfiend.com/account-signup.php


  • General
  • Dirty South
  • East Coast
  • West Coast
  • R&B
  • Acapellas
  • Blends
  • Dance Hall
  • Reggae
  • Reggaeton
  • Classic / Old Tapes
  • International
  • Instrumentals
  • Unsigned Hype
  • NEW Singles
  • Old Singles
  • Chopped & Screwed
  • Music Videos / Bonus DVDs
  • Diss Tracks
  • Live Footage


  1. Cosmin // 12/07/2008 12:16:00 PM  

    I use it alot !

  2. Ricot // 1/16/2009 10:10:00 PM  
  3. Anders // 12/09/2009 11:59:00 AM