Dynamic Universe (DU) is a relatively new private torrent tracker which managed to show some promise has in the past two months. Although it’s only about 9 weeks old, Dynamic Universe has managed to index and track over 3300 active torrents. The site’s total user base now exceeds 1100. Both scene and p2p releases (movies, music, games. TV Shows, E-Books, etc) are indexed on Dynamic Universe.

Dynamic Universe logo

For a start up tracker, DU seems to be doing really good. Instead of a bunch of torrents with only 1 seeder and slow download speeds (which is typical for most new trackers), DU indexes all major scene and p2p releases which usually get 4-5+ seeders. Apart from individual releases, this tracker has some unique packs of its own :

Dynamic universe packs

As you can probably guess from the screenshots+, a lot of complete TV season packs (among others) can be found on Dynamic Universe. Make sure you have a look inside ‘Movies/Packs’ category and ‘TV/Packs’ category – you may find some good collections after all. 

If you are interested in joining this tracker, it’s currently open for signup. Registrations are free and no invite is required during the open signup period..

Site Name: DynamicUniverse (http://www.dynamic-universe.net )

Signup URL: http://www.dynamic-universe.net/signup.php


  • (Appz)
  • (Games/Nintendo)
  • (Games/XBOX)
  • (Movies/DVD-R)
  • (Movies/XviD)
  • (Music/MP3)
  • (TV/DVD)
  • (Audio Books)
  • (Games/PC)
  • (Movies/Blu-Ray)
  • (Movies/Packs)
  • (Music/FLAC)
  • (Music/Video)
  • (TV/Packs)
  • (eBooks/Comics)
  • (Movies/DVD-9)
  • (Movies/x264)
  • (Music/Lab30)
  • (Subtitles)
  • (TV/x264)

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