DVDQuorum is a Spanish private torrent tracker with both English and Spanish movies. Just like BitHQ, TheDVDClub and AsianDVDClub (Open), DVDQuorum tracks full DVDs of movies and TV Shows which contain original menus, audio streams and subtitles. You won’t find any XViD encoded DVDRips on this tracker as it only indexes untouched DVD5 and DVD9 releases (for XViD rips, try these movie trackers).

DVDquorum logo

With over 43000 members and over 13500 indexed torrents, DVDQuorum is one of the largest DVDR trackers currently online. Note that this tracker has some Spanish movies. But majority of the releases are either English or Multilanguage. If you are a non Spanish user and want to make sure the movie you download has English audio, check the ‘Forum Link’ (The Blue Icon) next to torrent title. This will take you to a forum post with detailed information on that particular release.


Also note that every torrent has two titles. One on the top is in Spanish and the other one (marked by a red arrow in above screenshot) is the English name. A torrent with a Spanish title does not necessarily mean it’s a Spanish language release – Always check the forum link (marked by the red circle) to determine the available spoken languages on the DVD. Note that English is sometimes referred to as Inglés on this tracker Ex- AUDIO: Español Dolby Digital 5.1, Inglés Dolby Digital 5.1.

Signups are currently open so interested readers may join without an invite. Open signups don’t last forever so get in ASAP.

Site Name: DVDQuorum (http://www.dvdquorum.es)

Signup Process:

The signup process at DVDQuorum is a bit odd. You need to first sign up in their forums and then use that user name when registering for the tracker.

  1. Register in forums: http://www.dvdquorum.es/foro/index.php?action=register
  2. Click confirmation mail to activate forum account.
  3. Register for tracker: http://bt.dvdquorum.es/signup.php (Use the same username in both instances)
  4. Click confirmation mail to activate account.


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    Do you have an invite for this at present?