As we reported earlier, Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 9.0 final was released yesterday. A-Patch v1.43 for the final build of WLM 9.0 (build 14.0.8050.1202) has been released only a day later. If you didn’t know already, A-Patch allows users to disable advertisements in Windows Live Messenger, enable polygamy (multiple instances of WLM run at the same time), disable nudge delay and unlock many other configuration options not visible by default.

Like the last version of A-Patch (for WLM 2009 Wave 3 beta), new version too has a limited set of options (see screenshot below). This is due to the new protection used in WLM 9 builds. Even so, it’s still a pretty useful utility if you are a WLM user.

screenshot apatch


[Click Here] to download A-Patch 1.43 for Windows Live Messenger 2009 Final from official page.


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