It’s the holiday season and the festive atmosphere is everywhere –even in BitTorrent trackers. Many trackers seem to be offering bonuses to members such as double upload, free leech, competitions and open signups these days. Here is a quick update on how some of the most popular private torrent trackers are celebrating this Christmas.

1. BitMeTV (BMTV)
bitmetv logo xmas 
After declaring a relaxed invite policy for December 2008, BitMeTV (BMTV) caught me by surprise when they announced site wide freeleech today.

Santa Dropped by BitMeTV!!

This year he brought us all site-wide Freeleech.This will take place for the next few days before going back to normal. Please check the news posts for Updates. Also remember this just affects your overall total and it might not be reflected on individual torrent stats.

As you may know, Freeleech on BitMeTV is very rare. It definitely is a godsend for those who are struggling to maintain a good ratio so start downloading right now.

2. logo 
BitMe.Org which is probably the best E-Learning tracker out there, is celebrating this Christmas with global free leech till the 30th of December and then double upload for another few days.

It's that time of year again and we are happy to announce free leech beginning today and running through Dec 30th. after which double upload will run for a couple of days.

If you have any large video tutorials, E-book packs or anything else downloaded from BitMe, now would be a good time to do so (and build you ratio while you are at it).

3. SCL (The Clover)
scl clover xmas logo 
SCL celebrates this Christmas with free leech, double upload and plenty of competitions. The entire site is on free leech till the 27th of December. They also have doubled upload enabled on the 25th and the 26th (double upload can be extended merely by participating in a competition). SCL admins have awarded all members with 1 temporary invite which will have to be used before the 27th of December.  
Note: Mentioning full tracker name or posting SCL URL is prohibited.

4. PassThePopcorn
passthepopcorn logo
PassthePopcorn, the popular movie tracker, is celebrating this Christmas with free invites, open signups and free leech. They have opened registrations for 48 hours and every new torrent uploaded during this time will be free leech. All new users will receive 1 invite upon signup as well.

Need to get a gift for the picky geek in your life? Why not give the gift of torrent? For the next 48 hours, our site will be free-leech (new torrents only) and open registration to new users. Every new account will get a free invite to our tracker for later use.

Above is quoted from a new post on the site. Open signups and free leech will be enabled on the 25th and 26th of December.
Signup URL:

5. TranceRoute
tranceroute logo  
Popular trance music tracker TranceRoute will be opening signups on new year’s eve. The site will be open from 31st of December 2008 till the 1st of January 2009. A note on the homepage reads:

1. With immediate effect are all torrents FREELEECH till 01.01.2009 11am GMT (12am CET/ 2pm MSK)

2. from 31.12.2008 00:00 am GMT (1am CET/ 3am MSK) till 01.01.2009 11am GMT (12am CET/ 2pm MSK) is open sign up to TranceRoute (status n00b). Please tell it your friends!

So if you are looking forward to get into TranceRoute, make sure you check the signup page on the 31st of December. An article on this tracker will be posted on FILEnetworks Blog when it’s open.
Signup URL:

6. BlackCats-Games (BCG)
blackcats games xmas logo
Christmas spirit at BCG is quite high with ‘download free week’, referral giveaways and many competitions. The text below is quoted from a forum post by stoi (BCG SysOP)

And as a way to say thank-you, I have give all of our members, Kitty Litter and No Badge Of Honour included, 10 referrals.

According to stoi there are now over 330000 unused referrals in the system. Meanwhile they have implemented something called the ‘Download free week’ which is the BCG alternative to a free leech system. You can read all about it in this forum thread (members only). 

7. RevolutionTT (RevTT)
revttt xmas logo  
I was expecting an open signup from RevTT but it was not to be. There are however plenty of competitions including Wallpaper Competition, Forum Christmas Hunt, RevolutionTTree Competition, Banner Competition and Cake Competition. Winners usually receive gigabytes of free upload credit.

8. Ace Torrents (Ace-T)
ace torrents
Ace Torrents, a private tracker with excellent pre times, is celebrating Christmas with free leech, double upload and open signups. According to Ace-T admins, signups will close on the 1st of January and will remain closed for 6 or more months. If you want to get in, now would be a good time.
Signup URL:


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    gr8 work bro got registered in PassthePopcorn looking for it for quite a long timew.....thnxxx