Torrent Vault is a private torrent tracker with general/0day content. Like most general tracks out there, Torrent Vault indexes both scene and non scene releases including appz, games, music, movies and  TV shows. At time of this post, there are more than 14000 active members on Torrent Vault and it’s tracks tracks more than 3500 torrents.

Apart from usual releases, Torrent Vault tracks some packs of their own. In fact I’ve seen several quite good and rare packs here including some good movie, music, e-book and TV show packs. Be sure you check the Movies/Boxsets and Episodes/TV-Boxset categories as you may find some real gems there.


To identify packs unique to Torrent Vault, look for ‘TV’ and ‘TorrentVault’ tags on torrent title.

Signups for Torrent Vault are currently open so interested readers may join. There is a user cap of 15000 which means there is room for 600+ users but we do not know for sure if the current open signup period will stay open till the site reaches this user limit.


Site Name: Torrent Vault

Signup URL:


  • 0day
  • Anime
  • Appz/Mac
  • Appz/Misc
  • Appz/PC ISO
  • Beijing Olympics 2008
  • Documentaries
  • EBook
  • Episodes/TV-Boxset
  • Episodes/TV-x264
  • Episodes/TV-XviD
  • Games/Misc
  • Games/NDS
  • Games/PC ISO
  • Games/PS2
  • Games/PS3
  • Games/PSP
  • Games/Roms
  • Games/Wii
  • Games/XBox360
  • Movies/Boxsets
  • Movies/DVD-R
  • Movies/IMDb 250
  • Movies/MDVD-R
  • Movies/x264
  • Movies/XviD
  • Music


  1. nonya // 11/13/2008 03:57:00 AM  

    hell yea i vouch for this site its the best tracker on the net so far!!!