Xtreme Wrestling Torrents (XWT) is a private tracker specializing in Wrestling/MMA content. You can find videos and other content related to major events such as UFC, ECW, ROH, TNA, WWE, etc (See below for full category details). XWT tracks over 3200 active torrents at time of this post.

XWT being a tracker which specializes in Wrestling content, you are likely to find torrents never found on other trackers here. This includes several nice packs:


As you can see above, XWT is a must have tracker for any wrestling/MMA fan. You may sign up for free as the site is currently open for new registrations. We don’t know for how long it will remain open so get in while you can.


Site Name: Xtreme Wrestling Torrents

Signup URL: http://xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/signup.php


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