iDesir (Independent Desi Releasers)is a private tracker and a forum specializing in Indian movies, music and TV shows. This tracker has been online for nearly 4 years. iDesir has nearly 20000 active members and currently tracks 5900+ torrents. Usually this site is invite only but as part of their 4 year anniversary celebrations they have open signups for the whole month of September.

Apart from Movies, Music and TV, iDesir tracks a fair amount of Images, EBooks, mobile and even sport torrents. One thing I noted is that it has a subsection for Cricket torrents although the content there is mostly related to India.


Site Name: iDesir (Independant Desi Releasers)

Signup URL:


  • High-definition
  • Original DVD-Rips
  • DVD9 Releases (Untouched)
  • DVD5 Releases
  • Bollywood Classics
  • Pre-Release & DVD Screener
  • Cam Rips
  • Asian Movies
  • Lollywood
  • Regional Movies
  • Non-Desi Movies
  • New Hindi Movie Trailers
  • Subtitles forum
  • Movie / Subtitle Requests
  • Celeb Pictures
  • Comics and funny Pics
  • HOT Wallpapers
  • Misc Pictures
  • DVD Movie Covers
  • Music Album Covers
  • Image Gallery Requests
  • Graphix General
  • Graphix Show-Off
  • Graphix Tutorials
  • Graphix Resources
  • Cricket Releases
  • Soccer Releases

Note: There are several other categories not mentioned here.