SatClubbing is a private torrent tracker specializing in English music. It’s one of the older trackers out there; it’s been online for three years. Satclubbing indexes torrents of Singles, Albums, Livesets and more related to many different music genres such as Trance, House, Techno and Hardstyle. Apart from music, we could also find a fair amount of music plugins and apps on this tracker.

SatClubbing has over 1000 members and indexes over 8000 torrents. Apart from usual music releases, they seem to have a lot of user uploaded content not easy to find on general trackers. SatClubbing do have a fair amount of music packs as well.


SatClubbing is currently open for new signups so if you are interested in becoming a member of the site, here is your chance.


Site Name: SatClubbing

Signup URL:


  1. Fes // 11/01/2008 09:10:00 PM  

    never heard of this tracker before. huge thx for informing us