As we reported earlier, Crysis Warhead’s copy protection was circumvented by non scene individual identified as DarkC0der. Although DarkC0der’s fix worked perfectly with the leaked images, some people were still complaining about copy protection not being entirely removed and DarkC0der merely developing a workaround. Scene group RELOADED have just released a version of Crysis Warhead which includes a fixed exe with SecuROM protection stripped off. Their release includes both a full image of the game as well as the fixed exe.

Meanwhile another scene group, PROCYON have released a cracked version of Crysis Wars – the multiplayer component. PROCYON who are better known for their Clone DVD releases, have included a fixed executable as well as several serials for the game in their release. However it is still unlikely that you will be able to play Crysis Wars on official servers as these usually require a legitimate unique serial per user. We still do not know if there are any private servers currently online for this game.