Here is another quick update on our Private Tracker Watch to inform you about 3 private trackers currently open for signup. Of these, Ozone Torrents is a general tracker, TV.Torrents.Ro is a TV series tracker  and SyncTheBits is a mobile content tracker.


Site Name: Ozone Torrents (Ozone-T)

Signups URL:

Description: A general content tracker with over 7000 members. Currently tracks around 6000 torrents out of which nearly 1000 are on free leech. There are over 100 torrents being added per day (for the moment at least) and this tracker really seems to be growing rapidly.


Site Name: Tv.Torrents.Ro

Signup URL:

Description: Excellent TV tracker which has nearly 20000 users. A very good alternative if you don't have access to high level trackers such as BitmeTV and Signups do not stay open for long so register ASAP if you want in. Click here to read detailed review of this tracker.


Site Name: SyncTheBits (StB) 

Signup URL:

Description: Excellent mobile tracker which has seen some rapid progress in the past few days. There are already over 1500 members and StB tracks 450+ torrents. See this post for more information about this tracker.


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