This post features 3 private trackers that are currently open for signup; RARBG, Zamunda and Bitnation. All three are general/0day trackers which index both scene and non scene content.


Site Name:

Signup URL:

Description: RARBG is a Bulgarian tracker with mostly English content and there is the option to choose the English interface as well. This is a huge tracker in the same league with ArenaBG and Zamunda. From my experience, the speeds here are faster than ArenaBG and is on par with Zamunda. RARBG tracks over 35000 torrents at time of this post.


Site Name: Zamunda.Net

Signup URL:

Description: An excellent general tracker which has a large user base and lots of torrents. This was the closest thing I had as a replacement for Demonoid while it was down. Don't get me wrong; in some aspects such as download speeds, Zamunda kicks Demonoid's ass. Also, this is the only private tracker that I know of which has a decent collection of non scene PC game rips. Zamunda has a decent collection of non scene DVDrips as well. This site tracks more than 70000 torrents at time of this post.


Site Name: Bitnation

Signup URL:

Description: Although not has big as RARBG and Zamunda, Bitnation is still a decent general tracker. There are over 2000 torrents indexed and the pre times are average.